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Mesa Heat Pump Maintenance – Now Is The Time to Schedule HP Services

Mesa Heat Pump MaintenanceMesa Heat Pump Maintenance Can Reduce Your Risk of Panic AZ HP Service Demands

With the winter doors opening and cold weather gushing through, now is the time for you to schedule your Mesa heat pump maintenance services. Reports from the Energy Gov heating and cooling resource center indicate that poor airflow, incorrect refrigerant charge, and leaky ducts reduce heat pump efficiency and performance (1). Airflow per ton in your Mesa heat pump system should run between 400 to 500 cfm. Before each heating season begins, Energy Gov recommends that your AZ HVAC technician clean the evaporator coil, inspect the ductwork and increase the fan speed when necessary.

With the Mesa Weather Channel forecasting a drastic drop in local nighttime temperatures, the arrival of winter ensures an increase in the demands for Mesa heat pump repairs (2). Beginning October 23rd with a 59°F low, the next ten days will bring about a ten-plus drop in regional weather. The forecast for Tuesday October 29 predicts a nighttime bottom of 49. This is only the beginning. In the coming weeks, it’s going to get even colder.

Many Arizona residents and business owners delay taking care of Mesa Heat Pump maintenance issues. Yet proper HVAC care increases the lifetime durability of your AZ HP. Timely inspections and heat pump servicing ensures better home or office comfort. Advance preparations eliminate the panic of last minute efforts to find a 24/7 Mesa heat pump repair center.  

Don’t get caught in the cold. American Cooling and Heating provides Mesa businesses and homes with:

  • Precision heating and cooling solutions including Mesa heat pump maintenance, gas, fuel or electric furnace maintenance, and repairs or installation on any HVAC product
  • Same day turnaround for HP repairs, HP maintenance or any other HVAC installation or service requirements
  • 24/7 HVAC technicians stationed in your area and ready to meet your Mesa heating and cooling demands as soon as the call arrives
  • Full service on all models and brands of heat pumps, A/C equipment and furnace systems
  • Qualified technicians with 30-plus years experience in the HVAC heating and cooling industry
  • Bonded, insured and licensed assurance
  • Flat-rate pricing for Mesa heat pump maintenance services, repair services and system installation services
  • Assured customer satisfaction backed by product warranties and the American Cooling and Heating personal HVAC service guarantee
  • Friendly Mesa HVAC technicians, skilled for the work and courteous to every customer
  • Respect for your home or business assured by technicians that wear covers over their shoes, use work mats to protect sensitive work areas and practice tidy cleanup.

The American Cooling and Heating team: Honest, reliable and evidenced by an A+ Mesa, Arizona BBB service rating.

ACH Mesa Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Knowing how to operate and maintain your Mesa HP assures maximum energy efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings. But aside from changing HVAC filters and learning how to correctly regulate the thermostat, the average consumer lacks training for seasonal maintenance of their heating and cooling equipment. The ACH Mesa heat pump maintenance process includes checking up on the items typically handled by the customer, and then provides services that exceed the skills of the average consumer.

Your personal ACH heat pump technician will:

  • Inspect your system, including blower performance, ducts, filters and indoor coil
  • Test and verify airflow and refrigerant charge
  • Diagnose and correct any leakage in the duct system
  • Test for leaks in the refrigerant system
  • Inspect all belts and motors, lubricating and tightening where necessary
  • Examine, clean and tighten electric terminals
  • Apply nonconductive coating to your system’s electric terminals
  • Test and verify the functions of your Mesa heat pump thermostat system
  • Examine all electric controls to ensure that heating and cooling components are not fighting against one another
  • Provide you with a detailed Mesa heat pump maintenance assurance report.


For greater details or to schedule your Mesa heat pump maintenance service, click here.





Fall Furnace Inspection Reduces Emergency Gilbert Furnace Repairs

Emergency Gilbert Furnace Repairs – Not a Pleasurable Winter Experience

In the battle to reduce the need for emergency Gilbert furnace repairs, many AZ homeowners fail to take advantage of fall furnace inspection specials. The heating season is just around the corner. Losing home heating in the dead of a harsh winter night is no pleasurable experience – even when access to 24-hour Gilbert furnace repair services can reduce the strain.

Heat system cleaning, inspection and maintenance are critical to efficient and durable furnace services. If you don’t mind crawling amid the critters beneath your home, breathing attic dust or risking missing a key component of the cleaning process, you can inspect your own AZ furnace. Or you can call American Cooling and Heating. These seasoned air conditioning pros provide reasonably priced furnace inspections, furnace cleaning services and Gilbert furnace repairs.

For more information on ACH Gilbert furnace services, click here.

An Early Start Best Avoids the Need For Emergency Gilbert Furnace Repairs

Procrastination marks human nature. Although test starting your furnace early in the season can eliminate panic calls for emergency heating repairs, most people still wait until cold weather is already knocking at the doors and windows. Procrastinating until the day the temperature drops assures that a failed furnace will put you into the mist of the Arizona emergency furnace repairs crowd. Don’t go there. One call to a Gilbert furnace repair center while fall is still in the early stages may prevent you from facing the extended line of late demand on limited HVAC resources.

Tips for DIY Gilbert Furnace Repairs

According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, residential home furnace inspectors must know and understand the difference between various types of home heating equipment. Without identifying the specifics of a particular type of heating system, you cannot recognize the heating method, identify defective materials or clearly explain cause and effect.

Other common components of a Gilbert heating inspection include knowing:

  • How the installed heating system operates
  • How to maintain the heating system
  • How to identify and correct common furnace problems
  • How to draw correct conclusions concerning the apparent condition of the heating system
  • Have the skill and the experience to clearly justify his or her opinions, observations and recommendations to the homeowner.

Tips For Safe Gilbert Furnace Operation

Having your furnace inspected and cleaned by a bonded, insured and licensed AZ air conditioning contractor is your best assurance of a safe, efficient and reliable heating system. But for safe furnace operation, you too have some measure of responsibility:

  • Keep the filters clean
  • Keep the airflow paths free of furniture and other blockages
  • On gas systems, locate an tag the gas shutoff valve
  • Don’t assume that a blown fuse is due to a minor power glitch
  • Address any odd or random noises that indicate possible furnace failure.

American Cooling and Heating provides Gilbert furnace repairs, Gilbert furnace inspections and Gilbert furnace installation. Prices are reasonable, flat rate and upfront. Service is available 24/7 throughout the Phoenix region of Arizona, including Mesa, Scottsdale and Gilbert. The company repairs and installs all major brands of heating and cooling equipment including Amana, Carrier and Goodman.

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Why Phoenix Heat Pump Installation is the Right Arizona Heating Option

Whether Heating or Cooling, Phoenix Heat Pump Installation Makes Good Arizona Sense

Against the moderate heating requirements but intense cooling demands of Arizona, Phoenix heat pump installation provides a logical, economical and comfortable HVAC solution. Although slightly more pricey than standard central Air Conditioning, heat pumps provide an effective energy-efficient alternative to central gas, electric or fuel oil furnace systems.

Whereas standard A/C units shift heat from within your home by extracting the hot interior air and replacing it with cooler exterior air, heat pumps function on the order of an Air Conditioning system and a refrigerator unit. This means they move warm air in both directions. For example: A refrigerator compressor uses electricity to shift heat from insider your cooler to outside your cooler. In the process of removing the heat from within the refrigerator, the compressor dumps warm air into the kitchen.

When functioning as an Air Conditioning system, your Phoenix heat pump extracts warm air from within your home, dumps it into the exterior Arizona environment and then returns cooler exterior air into your home. As a heating system, the heat pump extracts warm air from exterior Arizona environment, dumps it into your Phoenix home and then moves the cooler inside air into the outside environment.

Correctly installed heat pumps move heat rather than generate heat. If a skilled and reputable Phoenix HVAC dealer handles your Phoenix heat pump installation, the system will provide as much as four times the amount of energy it consumes. For more details on quality Phoenix HP installation, click here.


Air-Source Heat Pumps – The Most Commonly Installed Phoenix A/C Equipment

Modern heat pump technology provides a multitude of HVAC options, including absorption heat pumps, geothermal (ground-source or water-source) heat pumps and the common air-source heat pump.

Geothermal Heat Pumps – As a highly efficient but costly HVAC solution, geothermal HP equipment utilizes natural ground and/or water temperatures. The units tend to have a lower operating cost that other HVAC heating solutions. However, they have specific regional requirements for subsoil conditions and physical routing space. As a heating solution in regions that typically experience extreme temperatures, geothermal heat pumps provide a high level of customer satisfaction. As a Phoenix heat pump installation option, they may be more costly than what is reasonably acceptable.

Absorption Heat Pumps – Typically called gas-fired heat pumps, absorption HP units are relatively new to the residential HVAC marketplace. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, residential absorption heat pumps are fuel driven systems that use ammonia-water absorption cycles. The ammonia is absorbed into water rather than pressure pumped. The heat source is used to boil the ammonia out of the water. Absorption heat pumps are currently only available on homes to the scale of 4,000 plus sq. feet.

Air-Source Heat Pumps – Typical Phoenix heat pump installation projects use air-source HP solutions. Designed to transfer heat from house air to outside air or from outside air to house air, air source heat pumps are energy efficient, reliable and comfortable. During the winter, an American Cooling and Heating installed AZ heat pump can trim your electric usage by as much as 40%. High-efficiency air source heat pumps provide improved humidity control over standard central air conditions. Against the mean average temperatures in Arizona, a Phoenix heat pump installation not only makes good AZ sense, it makes the best AZ sense.

Some Arizona homes are not equipped with a duct system. AC&H can also install a ductless, mini-split heat pump system. Modern heat pump technology also includes a system called “reverse cycle chillers.”  Designed for use as a radiant floor HVAC solution, “reverse cycle chillers” generate hot and cold water rather than air.

For more details on your Arizona HVAC options, click here.


Http:// provides licensed, bonded and insured valley-wide Arizona air conditioning and heat pump installation and services.






Arizona Residential And Commercial Heating Service Expert Provides Specialized 24-Hour HVAC Response Teams

Arizona’s Own BBB A+ Rated American Cooling And Heating (AC&H) Announces The Assembly Of A Select Team Of HVAC Service Experts Dedicated To Swift 24-Hour Resolutions For Residential and Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Breakdowns.

Sustaining a quality Heating and A/C Service team is the driving force behind American Cooling And Heating, and sustaining Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems is their business. American Cooling And Heating has assembled a select team of HVAC Service Experts dedicated to swift 24-Hour resolutions for Residential and Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning breakdowns.This includes repair or replacement of Heat Pumps, Furnaces, and all other types of Heating Systems.

Arizona-based, American Cooling and Heating, is bonded, insured and licensed as a residential, industrial and commercial heating and air conditioning service expert throughout the area of Phoenix Arizona. This company has the skill, expertise and know-how to resolve any residential or commercial HVAC complications. Respective license numbers are as follows:

  • AZROC K79 license 183933 Residential, Commercial, Industrial, HVAC and Refrigeration Contractor
  • AZROC KB2 license 238225 Residential, Commercial General Contractor
  • TDLR TACLA21146C Residential, Commercial, Industrial, HVAC and Refrigeration Contractor.

AC&H provides new Heat Pump and Heating System Installation with a design-focus on thermal comfort and indoor air quality. As such, HVAC systems rate among the top energy consumers in homes, schools, other government facilities, offices and in commercial businesses and AC&H designs and installs these systems with energy efficiency in mind.

But comfort, air quality and energy consumption are not the only factors associated with the selection and installation of a residential or commercial heating and air conditioning system. Post installation Heating and Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance are key factors in adding longevity to the new HVAC System.

AC&H provides HVAC Service for residential customers throughout the greater Phoenix AZ metro area, and the list of commercial customers includes local small businesses, national organizations and large global corporations. For references, customer referrals or to schedule immediate service contact any American Cooling and Heating branch office:

  • East – (480) 699-2516
  • Central – (602) 734-5422
  • West (623) 335-7697.

Critical Performance Issues

A functioning and efficient heating and cooling system is one of the primary components of a comfortable home and a productive Arizona workplace. Heat and cold play a major role, but humidity can also effect the work environment. For example: For a cotton mill, moisture control is critical to efficient operation of the spinning machinery. Whereas in an office environment, temperature is typically the primary controlling factor.

System failures can involve everything from poor maintenance to aged and worn components. The average commercial AC system runs a lifespan of fifteen years or less. Likewise with commercial heating systems. AC&H has assembled a crack team of Heating and A/C emergency service professionals. Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year one of these teams is ready now to help you evaluate the condition, practicality of efficient repairs and, if necessary, the best approach toward HVAC system replacement.

The Heating and A/C service teams are trained on every make and model of commercial heating and cooling equipment. They have a mind for cost-efficient solutions and long-term customer satisfaction. If you prefer a nighttime service call from a commercial heating and air conditioning service expert, American Cooling and Heating is ready for repair of commercial air conditioning systems quickly and effectively.
Perhaps your system has not been well-maintained. Dirty coils hinder cooling, heating and humidity functions. Clogged pans may have standing water as well as an accumulation of mold and mildew. The AC&H Arizona Heating & AC repair teams are ready to resolve the issue.

Is the system appropriately sized for the home or workplace?

Perhaps changes in use or structural modifications have occurred, perhaps even a converted residential garage, storage space, or for business additional office spaces. Any such changes can disqualify your existing HVAC system for the required workload. An American Cooling and Heating commercial HVAC team can analyze your current system any time day or night.
For successful residential or commercial heating and cooling, a system with the capabilities is necessary for the work load. Not too big or mold and other high humidity issues will occur and not too small inadequate cooling or heating capacity may occur.

No Wrong Turns

When choosing a residential or commercial Arizona Heating & AC Repair Center, or a complete HVAC replacement center, American Cooling and Heating can provide the quality level of service that you deserve. The 24/7 commercial teams are trained to recognize and correct any commercial HVAC problem. They know how to speak in plain details and backup every estimate with a concise written statement.

For the time it takes to make a phone call, you can have:

  • Same day repairs
  • Full support for any model or brand
  • Bonded, insured and licensed professionals
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Flat-rate, up-front pricing
  • Tidy-conscious technicians
  • Friendly technicians
  • 24-hour service
  • Reliable, reputation-conscious customer service
  • A company with a Registrar Of Contractors complaint-free record.

American Cooling and Heating provides satisfaction-guaranteed installation and 24 hour, same-day commercial heating and cooling services for Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ, Glendale AZ, Mesa AZ, Peoria AZ,, Scottsdale AZ, Sun City AZ, Tempe AZ, Queen Creek AZ, All Other Areas in the Greater Phoenix AZ Metro.

Arizona Air Conditioning System Maintenance

There are many important reasons for having Heating and Air Conditioning System Maintenance performed.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems can fail due to a lack of maintenance and this typically happens when you need to depend on the system working. This can cause something as minor as inconvenience or can put people with health related problems at great risk.

If your system is past its prime or even if it’s brand new take advantage of the energy efficiency gains made and avoid costs of premature failures by having maintenance performed annually. A licensed HVAC Contractor can visit your home and evaluate your Heating and Air Conditioning System and advise you of its condition.

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