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Leading Phoenix Air Conditioning Company Releases New Guide For Residents Living With Asthma

Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner - Living with asthmaAmerican Cooling and Heating today announced release of “Living With Asthma, A PDF For Phoenix Arizona Residential Customers.” All readers are welcome to download this updated report.

 “Asthma: It’s frightening, hard on the body, and more common than many people suspect. With regional Phoenix heat on the rise, ACH strives the help AZ residents find comfort in the mist of the flames. Living with asthma is not easy.”

Today American Cooling and Heating out of Phoenix, Arizona reaches out to area residents by delivering a free “Living With Asthma” pdf report. The information in “Living With Asthma, A PDF For Phoenix Arizona Residential Customers” includes the following sections:

Section I: Creating An Asthmatic Friendly Home   

1) Air filtration   
2) Dusting the House  
3) Clean Bedding   
4) Upholstery   
5) Carpeting   
6) Pets   
7) Clutter  
8) Dehumidifiers and Air Conditioning  

Section II: Effectively Managing Asthma   

1) A Respiratory Disorder   
2) Learning The Cause   
3) Medication   
4) Asthma-Friendly Home   
5) Dealing With Attacks   

So don’t miss out. The report is now available on the American Cooling and Heating primary website.


American Cooling and Heating – The Company

Established in 1993 and founded on the principles of value-for-your-money with quality HVAC installation and services workmanship, American Cooling and Heating services regional Phoenix, including: Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale and more. ACH has an unsurpassed reputation for technical proficiency in all sectors of residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning, refrigeration and heating. Among other considerations, every American Cooling and Heating technician, salesperson, office worker or manager is selected based upon five points of business ethnics:

  1. Skill for the task at hand
  2. Demonstrated respect for the Company, the Company’s customers, and for self
  3. A record of reliable work ethnics, on-time arrival, and efficient work habits
  4. Successful clearance via a rigid background check
  5. Unchallenged completion of drug testing by a certified testing firm.

ACH promotes extended deals on all HVAC products, including expert Air Conditioning repair and Air Conditioning replacement of Amana, Rheem, Goodman, Carrier, Ruud, Lennox, Trane and other brand name HVAC equipment. Service trucks are fully stocked and ready to roll 24/7. ACH techs can handle all types of cooling, heating, heat pumps, furnaces, air handlers, refrigeration, and HVAC equipment.

In addition to being bonded, licensed and insured for Arizona Air Conditioning services, American Cooling and Heating also stands out as:

  • AZROC K79 license 183933 Residential, Commercial, Industrial, HVAC and Refrigeration Contractor
  • AZROC KB2 license 238225 Residential, Commercial General Contractor
  • TDLR TACLA21146C Residential, Commercial, Industrial, HVAC and Refrigeration Contractor
  • Australian Licensed Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Contractor – Fair Trading, Arctick, Energy Safety, OHS White Card
  • UK Europe – CSCS Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Service And Installation Engineer. CSCS Black Card –       Project Manager
  • Member Of Air Conditioning Contractors Of America
  • AND As an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau.

To reap a copy of the ACH, “Living With Asthma, A PDF For Phoenix Arizona Residential Customers,” the book cover.

 Living with asthma cover



Phoenix Heat Pump Installation Reduces the Arizona Heat Island Effect

Phoenix Heat Pump Installation Against Heat Island EffectLeaving Behind, For a Moment, the Benefits of Phoenix Heat Pump Installation

Before talking about Phoenix heat pump installation, it makes sense that you understand the definition of the term “Arizona Heat Island Effect.” You also need to know how the heat island effect relates to the comfort level within your home. So let’s start by defining the Arizona heat island effect.

According to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the term “heat island” was coined to describe the relationship between air temperatures in the city and air temperatures in the surrounding rural areas. In specific, it compares the heat buildup that occurs in towns and cities to the normal temperatures in nearby rural areas. In a city with one million residents, the heat island effect can produce annual mean air temperatures that run from 1.8 to 5.4°F higher than the nearby rural centers. In the peak of an Arizona summer, the evening increase in air temperatures between Phoenix and the nearby rural areas can reach as high as 22°F.

For you, as an Arizona resident, it means this: 

  • Increased energy demands for comfortable Arizona air conditioning
  • Higher cooling costs
  • Increased local and global air pollution
  • Greater local and global greenhouse gas emissions
  • Poor water quality and greater danger to local water life
  • Increased personal health risks, including the likelihood of more illnesses, poor indoor air quality and the possibility of a fatal heat stroke.

Statistics suggest that heat islands may elevate the local energy demand on Phoenix heat pump systems and other A/C equipment by as much as 5 to 10 percent. The associated excess demand on fuel driven power plants generates an increase in air-borne instances of carbon monoxide (CO), mercury (Hg), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), and sulfur dioxide (SO2). Ground-level ozone and the temperature of rainwater also increase. Stormwater runoff becomes dangerous and even fatal to local aquatic species.


As air pollution escalates, your health becomes compromised. Estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that exposure to excess heat results in more heat cramps, more respiratory problems and an increase in heat strokes. Installing quality Arizona heat pump solutions and an indoor air quality filtration system helps you protect yourself and your family.



Arizona Heat Pump Installation and Other Common-Sense “Heat Island” Solutions


By acting wisely, most Arizona communities can reduce the damage of summertime heat islands.  In fact, many strategies are already in position through state and federal resources. Methods for heat island prevention and heat island damage reduction include: 

  • Advanced roofing technology such as green roofs and cool roofs
  • Better management of environmental conditions such as an increase in tree planting and new paving technologies
  • Installing new energy-efficient Arizona heat pump systems and air filtration equipment.


Even as you read this article, Gilbert, Arizona Development Services is working with citizens, contractors, local architects and project designers to implement cool pavement technology, cool roofing approaches and other environmental management systems. Reducing the Urban Heat Island effects is critical to a safe environment.


Likewise, the Arizona Department of Heath Services (ADHS) is working to provide travelers and state residents with up-to-date information concerning extreme heat events. The Phoenix office of the National Weather Service is responsible for updating the southwest/south-central Arizona region, and Tucson handles the forecasts for the southeastern region of the state.


According to their website, the city of Tempe AZ is also working to educate and help residents on matters related to the heat-island effect, water availability and pollution. In fact, the Tempe Arizona current calendar of events includes an art exhibition designed for education on this very issue. Make a note to attend.


But warnings and state managed changes only work if the entire community participates. Citizens must also become a part of the solution. For example: Phoenix community weatherization programs provide home weatherization resources to low-income qualifying Phoenix residents. This helps reduce excess heating and cooling bills, but it also reduces the time that an Phoenix heat pump or Arizona Air Conditioning system functions. The service also provides funds to help low-income families install efficient cooling measures. You can’t beat increased comfort at a lower energy cost and a victory over the Urban Heat Island effect.


Cost Savings on Energy Efficient Installed Phoenix Heat Pump Solutions


It is good if you are not in the low-income bracket. But that doesn’t mean your home can afford to ignore the effects of the Arizona heat island effect. Having sufficient income to manage your own heating, cooling and weatherization processes doesn’t mean it should cost you by the bucket load of dollars. Remember: Heat pumps not only provide cost-efficient cooling but they also provide energy-efficient heating. With an installed Arizona heat pump, you don’t have to wait on the season of “heat island effects” to begin saving money.  

American Cooling and Heating has been in the Air Conditioning and Phoenix Heat Pump Installation business since 1993. We service and install A/C equipment throughout the Phoenix region.


For more details on how you can save money on an energy efficient Arizona heat pump solution, click here.


Arizona Air Filtration, The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Arizona Air FiltrationCan Installing Arizona Air Filtration Devices Improve Your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Recent reports evidence the benefits Arizona Air Filtration has on the effect of Phoenix indoor air quality. According to the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency, area homeowners don’t have to risk the IAQ dangers associated with radon. The report “Radon Doesn’t Have To Be A Problem,” identifies clear health benefits linked to Arizona air filtration. According to the Radiation Regulatory Agency, radon IAQ problems can be reduced by any of three differing methods:

  • Use an air filtration device to capture, filter and re-inject the ducted supply lines of central forced air heating and A/C systems
  • Install a stand-alone central Arizona air filtration system on homes that lack central A/C and central heating
  • Install console HEPA filter systems in Phoenix regional homes that lack space for forced air duct systems.

Controlling the problem by use of air filtration devices is dependent upon the existing type of heating and cooling system – or the lack thereof of any central HVAC units. The Arizona-based Regulatory Agency goes on to advise homeowners concerning current radon management systems versus new technology systems. Many regional homes may us active soil depressurization systems, yet the Agency suggests that applying one of the three air filtration solutions can not only control radon but also reduce the effects of allergies and asthma. If your radon levels are relatively low, the Agency says you might be better off considering new indoor air control technology.

Furthermore, the Agency offers the following primary instructions for correct application and assured performance:

  • HEPA Connections – Hire a qualified Arizona HVAC mechanical contractor for the installation. If possible, your indoor air quality system should connect to your existing air conditioning or furnace duct-work.
  • Testing – Ensure that your air filtration system effectively manages the radon decay level in your home.

Understand that radon is not reduced, but rather the harmful radon decay products are reduced. Understand also that Arizona air filtration is only effectively appropriate for radon levels from 4 to 8 pCi/L.


Radon Only One Danger Managed By Effective Arizona Air Filtration

State indoor radon sampling indicates that Arizona homes may slightly exceed the EPA recommended action level for radon concentrations. But this is a rate that hangs near to the national average.

The good news: Temperatures is Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and other Arizona regions tend to help reduce the amount of radon that is drawn into a home. The bad news: Arizona sub floor forced air conditioning systems often use return air ducts that run on the soil below slab floors. This results in overall poorer indoor air quality. Here are some steps you can take to immediately reduce the problem:

  • When weather permits, ventilate your home
  • Open some windows
  • Open doors and use freestanding fans to force exterior air to pass through your home
  • Contact American Cooling and Heating for immediate installation of Trane Clean Effects Whole Home Filtration.

But remember: Indoor air quality is not just about radon. According to the U.S. EPA, indoor air pollutants fall into two categories: 1) Particulate matter such as animal dander, dust, molds, pollen and smoke 2) Gaseous pollutants such as arises from adhesives, cleaning products, gas cooking, pesticides and varnish.

Clean air systems can remove many indoor air contaminates. Air filtration devices function on the order of particle removers, gaseous pollutant removers and pollutant destruction devices. American Cooling and Heating is licensed, bonded and insured to handle your Arizona air conditioning and indoor air quality problems. We can install, repair or inspect your existing HVAC equipment.

For help in deciding which indoor air filtration device, click here, is best for your Arizona home contact American Cooling and Heating today.





Phoenix Arizona Indoor Air Quality – Best Air Filters For Allergies

Arizona Indoor Air QualityImproving Arizona Indoor Air Quality – Effective Air Conditioning and the Best Air Filters For Allergies

If Arizona indoor air quality (IAQ) is critical to advanced education, should it not also provide better in-home comfort and learning? Clean air reduces allergic reactions in children and adults. Regulated indoor air temperatures promote better personal comfort, better thought focus and a better learning environment. Combining air conditioning with the best air purifiers produces the best results.

Throughout the nation, IAQ has become a point of major research. A healthy classroom environment promotes a better learning experience among students, young and old alike. According to Trane for K-12 Schools, the connection between student/teacher performance and effective school ventilation management is a documented point of fact. When students and teachers come together in a structure with efficient air filtration, air conditioning and air ventilation, the learning process becomes easier and more efficient.

If air conditioning and managed air purification works for educational facilities, how much more will the best air filters for allergies provide quality indoor air for your Arizona home?

To take the American Cooling and Heating Trane Clean Air Quiz, Click Here.


Improving Classroom Air Conditioning and Air Filtration Efficiency

The interior air pollutants within Arizona educational structures can include chalk dust, cleaning supplies, lab chemicals, mildew, mold, exterior construction-related impurities and a host of student viruses and odors. When packed against classrooms bearing as many as four times the occupants per square foot as your work place, the need for improved Arizona indoor air quality increases at an alarming rate.

Two forms of defense are necessary:

  1. Reduce the contamination from exterior pollution
  2. Improved the indoor air conditioning, air filtration and control of accumulated dust, gases, particles, spores and other allergy inducing pollutants.

Factors affecting the success of IAQ management include humidity and temperature control as well as the best air filters for pollution control. Whole home air filtration and air conditioning systems are designed to prevent “cold and drafty” as well as “hot and stuffy.” Research indicates that temperatures between 67°F and 74°F promote the best comfort levels for increased learning capacity. Temperatures below or above the specs inhibit student learning in crucial areas such as mathematics and reading skills.

Installing Arizona indoor air quality management systems can help your child receive the same in-home learning boast as he or she receives at the school. It may even eliminate your nightly battles to ensure that homework is actually completed as scheduled.


Managed Arizona Indoor Air Quality For Your Home

Installing Arizona HVAC systems designed to optimize temperature comfort zones and relative humidity achieves the best classroom results. Allergy prevention is an additional concern. For best Phoenix air conditioning results, consider combining managed Arizona indoor air quality with the best air filter for allergies.

If it works for Phoenix regional schools, it will work for your home.

According to Consumer Reports: Leaks in doors, windows and elsewhere cause your home to recycle outside air ever two hours. Controlling the leaks helps eliminate the issue of poor Arizona indoor air quality. You can repair some air leaks, but what about the leaks associated with damaged ductwork, the leaks that pull dust from beneath your home or the attic space? Do what you can to stop the leaks and then call in a professional to take care of the A/C duct problems. For more details on professional Arizona A/C duct repair, click here:


Arizona Air Conditioning and Whole-Home Indoor Air Filters Installed

A holistic home air cleaning system provides cleaner air and better Arizona IAQ for you and your family. The best of the best air filters for allergies can help relieve the symptoms of asthma and other dust and gas-related physical aliments.

You don’t have to put up with bacteria, dust, odors, particulates and VOCs. The quality of your indoor air is important to your health, comfort and learning. Get help today. Let American Cooling and Heating Arizona provide you with professional guidance in all matters concerning Arizona indoor air quality. We offer:

  • Full A/C installation
  • The best air filters for allergies
  • And the assurance that your Arizona indoor air quality will improve.


Call now:







Poor Phoenix Air Quality Results in EPA Freeze of Federal Transportation Funds

Trane Air Purification Reduces Poor Air QualityFlashback to 2010 Phoenix Air Quality – Viewpoint of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

On May 25, 2010, the EPA announced an impending block on federal transportation funds unless Arizona could come up with an acceptable and reliable air quality control plan. According to the EPA, Arizona pollution levels exceeded federal standards. The agency completely rejected the concept that dust storms were the cause of Phoenix air quality problems. EPA regional administrator, Jared Blumenfeld declared the so-called “exceptional events” as an unscientific explanation for Arizona air quality complications.

The Importance of Air Purification

During 2008, Phoenix experienced eleven unacceptably high PM-10 pollution spikes. Arizona officials attributed ten of those spikes to dust storms. In 2010, the EPA declared Arizona out of compliance. PM-10 is measured as one-seventh the width of a human hair, yet the effects on human health include:

  • Breathing problems
  • Cancer
  • Lung damage
  • Respiratory failures
  • AND premature death.

 The primary at-risk groups affected by high levels of PM-10 include: children, the elderly and people with existing asthma, chronic lung disease and influenza. Yet efficient air purification works to make life better for all Phoenix residents.

 Update 2013 – A Current Look at Phoenix Air Quality

Government processes are sometimes difficult to understand. For example: According to current reports from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), Phoenix air quality levels are reasonably good. Daytime highs are running around 108-degrees Fahrenheit and will reach 110 by the middle of next week. Up until Tuesday of next week, chances of storms are low but moisture levels will slightly increase. By mid-week, rain and cloud cover should hold ozone concentrations in the normally accepted “Good” range. Sounds like a good report yet the EPA has issued a freeze on Federal Transportation Funds.

In the later half of next week, sunshine will push Phoenix ozone levels back into the mid-moderate range. The Humboldt Mountain region may kick in at a mid-moderate range of 71. Meantime, Glendale residents can expect a maximum 8-hr PPB of 41 and Tempe PM-2.5 particles may run a 9.8 max 24-hour value. Throughout the Phoenix region, PM-10 particles are ranging 25 to 30.

Considering that maximum unhealthy ozone levels range between 200 and 300 on the measurement scale, a 42 in Phoenix and a 41 in Mesa seems a minor issue.

Building Arizona – Air Quality And Air Purification A Continuing Battle

According to We Build Arizona, the state’s current transportation needs between now and 2030 will result in a $162,3 billion shortage. Arizona air quality remains an issue. Areas such as Maricopa and Pinal County struggle to meet EPA requirements and may, as a result, lose an additional $1.8 billion in federal transportation funding.

In 2012, Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale ranked top of the most-polluted list for year-round particle levels. Residents in such cities face year-round particle pollution that includes:

  • Aerosols
  • Dust
  • Soot
  • AND other unhealthy breathable substances.

Spikes in particle pollution can be short-term or long-term, sometimes lasting for days. It’s a complex problem that will not go away quickly.

Helping Yourself – Trane CleanEffects™ Air Filtration

Correcting the dangers of poor Phoenix air quality is a government process that requires the help of businesses and individuals. Although you may not have the position, power or finances to initiate direct influences of major proportion, you do have the power to make small differences.

Here’s how you can help reduce the Phoenix air quality problem:

  • Practice environmentally balanced driving habits
  • Make use of public transportation
  • Avoid blowing or sweeping debris and dust into the streets
  • Plan your next vehicle around Green Choice options
  • Close and seal household chemicals, cleaners, garage and solvents
  • Buy Energy Star products
  • Upgrade your older energy-hog heating and cooling system to an energy-efficient solution
  • Work with an environmentally responsible Trane Air Conditioning Installation expert
  • Install a Trane CleanEffects™ Air Filtration system.

Meet Arizona’s best-stocked Air Conditioning Professional, American Cooling and Heating. Here to provide you with 24/7 Phoenix AC Installation, ACH handles quality Trane air filtration equipment, Trane heat pumps, Trane air handlers and Trane AC units.

The Trane CleanEffects™ is the most effective air filtration and air purification device in the world. Designed for 99.98 percent allergen removal, this system sets the standard for indoor air quality. Make your Arizona home virtually dust free. Call now to schedule your free ACH inspection and estimate. The Trane CleanEffects™ air filtration device helps your HVAC system maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment.

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