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Trane Climatuff® Compressors Priced to Squeeze The Overhead Out of Every ACH 2014 Gilbert AZ Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Trane Climatuff® Installation Package

AC Installation In AZArizona HVAC Sales and Installation Company, American Cooling and Heating, Announces Year Long 2014 Price Slashing On All ACH Installed Trane Climatuff® Compressors

“From a 1931 cooler system that blew air over coils filled with well water to the world’s first successful heat pump driven by the Trane Climatuff® compressor, the name of Norwegian immigrant James Trane stands for excellence. We believe in what we sell,” ACH sales rep, Gilbert AZ division.

The time for best deals on Climatuff® compressors is at hand. Throughout 2014, American Cooling and Heating intends to make buying Trane Climatuff® compressors the best residential HVAC installation option available anywhere in all of Arizona. The cost of heating and cooling is never cheap, but with the right equipment correctly installed by a team of certified A/C professionals backed by a company that issues a lifetime warranty on the installation workmanship, the price for comfort can be cost-effective. For the duration of the 2014 calendar year, ACH is here to squeeze the overhead out of ever ACH-installed AZ heat pump or air conditioning unit.

The quicker Gilbert or other local residential homeowners act, the sooner the efficiency of home heating and cooling settles down. That worn out HVAC system won’t get better with more age. The repair bills won’t decrease in cost. And the comfort level won’t magically adjust to the needs of the homeowners. A simple decision to dial a phone number can help many local residents discover the savings that can be accumulated by replacing a worn out system with a newly installed Trane Climatuff® compressor.

Why Go With Trane Climatuff® Compressors

Within every outdoor Trane heating and/or cooling system resides the power of a Trane Climatuff® compressor. It’s durable, reliable, and highly efficient. In fact, it is so reliable that it yet remains the only compressor Trane installs in its residential Heat Pump and Air Conditioning systems.

The Trane reputation for quality HVAC equipment revolves around the installed compressor’s ability to handle stress. By using an all-aluminum frame, Trane systems ensure rapid and effective heat dissipation. But the lightweight design of the frame also reduces the stress on the system mounting springs. And to ensure that the compressor valves – another critical component in successful management of A/C stress factors – enhance the durability of the units, Trane imposes valve-manufacturing specifications so tight they squeeze the variance out of the products.

*  Add in aluminum pistons and aluminum connecting rods
*  Increase the shell volume
*  Link it up to the Trane industry-exclusive cast-iron pearlitic cylinder liner
*  Offer it in various stages of efficiency,

And suddenly the world sees Trane Climatuff® reciprocating compressors as among the most durable and reliable compressor units manufactured in the industry. It’s a heating and cooling solution that eliminates the kind of slugging typically associated with low indoor airflow or system overcharging. It’s a heating and cooling solution that American Cooling and Heating thinks most Gilbert AZ residents will appreciate.

Overview of the Climatuff® Line of HVAC Products

Trane Climatuff® Dual Reciprocating Compressor

On the down-stroke in a reciprocating compressor, the suction valve gets pushed off its seating just as the pressure in the cylinder is less than the suction pressure. Refrigerant enters the cylinder in a hyper-efficient cylindrical pattern forced by the circumference of the valve. On the up-stoke, refrigerant is retained in the cylinder by closing the suction valve. Within the cylinder, pressure builds until it forces the discharge valve to lift. Gas exits the cylinder. The efficiency of the full-cycle process makes the Trane Climatuff® Dual Reciprocating Compressor extremely tolerant to a certain measure of expected liquid slugging.

With an installed dual reciprocating compressor air conditioning system, buyers get two systems in one. Both units run independently and at different levels of capacity. The end result provides the best in energy-efficient heating and cooling.

Here are some systems that use Trane Dual Climatuff® compressors:Trane Climatuff® Compressors on Sale

*  XL20i Trane A/C systems at up to 20.00 SEER energy ratings
*  XL20i Trane HP systems running up to 19.00 SEER and 9.00 HSPF.

Trane Two-Stage Climatuff® Compressor Technology

Two-stage (two speeds) heating and cooling technology operates more efficiently than single stage technology. Under most climate conditions, the typical two-stage system is designed to run at 65% capacity. When outside temperatures force additional services, the second stage of the system kicks on. The Trane two-stage Climatuff® system saves energy by providing just the right efficiency to meet the comfort needs of a family. In essence, two-stage cooling, and heating if applicable, assures flexible room-to-room family comfort by maintaining right-placed temperature effects even in that hard to cool rear bedroom.

Here are some systems that use Trane Two-Stage Climatuff® technology:

*  Trane XL18i Heat Pump running up to 18.00 SEER and 9.20 HSPF
*  Trane XR17 Heat Pump running up to 18 SEER rating
*  Trane XL18i Air Conditioning system pumping out up to 18.00 SEER
*  Trane XR17 Air Conditioning system with up to 18,00 SEER rating.

Trane Variable Speed Technology

Some Trane systems such as the XV20i Heat Pump used variable speed technology. This enables constant airflow throughout the entire home. Even if closed registers or dirty filters hinder the airflow, Trane variable speed heating and cooling technology detects the complications and automatically ramps up the rmp. The overall effect not only ensures energy-efficient home comfort levels, but it also helps ensure long-term compressor reliability.

Not all Gilbert AZ homes need ramped-up Trane technology, but every single one can profit from the benefits of Trane Climatuff® Compressor technology. From heat pumps to air conditioning systems, American Cooling and Heating has on-sale the Trane system for any Arizona residential requirements.

ACH 2014 Trane Climatuff® Compressor Pricing With Workmanship Warranty

The ACH on-sale HVAC products include systems from every major vendor such as Amana full systems, Carrier heat pumps, A/Cs and more, Goodman heating and cooling equipment, Rheem compressors, furnaces and so forth, as well as all Trane Air Conditioning systems. Furthermore, every system sold and installed by American Cooling and Heating comes complete with:

**  A customized residential fitting
**  On-time, every-ready 24/7 support
**  The ACH lifetime workmanship warranty
**  Professional installation that complies with local/national codes as well as manufacturer specifications.
**  Trane Limited Registered Warranty with every product
**  MORE.

ACH on-sale HVAC equipment includes: Air Handlers, Air Conditioning Systems, Gas Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Indoor Coils and more.





This article and its content do not constitute legal, financial, technical, or medical advice. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that this document is correct at the time of publication, the company and its employees and agents disclaim any and all liability to any person in respect of anything or the consequences of anything done or omitted to be done in reliance upon the whole or any part of this article and its content. All trademarks, logos, and associated content displayed are the property of their respective owners.


Gilbert Arizona Trane Air Conditioning Sales Not Hindered By Recent National Cold Snap

Trane Air conditioning Sales and Installation PackageGilbert Arizona Trane Air Conditioning Sales Not Hindered By Recent National Cold Snap: Arizona Cooling and Heating Presents Special A/C Buyer Incentives To Help Homeowners Reap Better Benefits From Personal Tax Refunds


American Cooling and Heating Responds To Recent Freezing National Temperatures By Slashing Prices On Gilbert AZ Air Conditioning Sales and Installations  

Even as National Geographic carries on about the coldest weather to bite the United States in decades, Gilbert AZ and other East Valley regions are experiencing moderate winter temperatures. But these Arizona winter comfort zones are often deceptive. The freezing polar vortex that recently whipped northern air down and across the southeast U.S. will not modify the blistering heat waves soon to come upon East Valley residents. So in response to recent freezing national temperatures, American Cooling and Heating is announcing a yearlong, 2014 Trane Air Conditioning sales and installation discount program.

Expect best pricing on all ACH installed East Valley Trane A/C and Trane heat pump systems. In 2011, 13.2% of Americans spent tax refunds on major purchase tickets, including home air conditioning and heating equipment. In a state where temperatures from June to September typically top 100-degrees, a new ACH installed air conditioning system adds value to the concept of major-ticket items. The American Cooling and Heating Trane A/C sales and Trane A/C installation package is designed to help homeowners make the most of tax refunds.

The sale covers all Trane air conditioning products, and includes a host of buyer incentives custom-designed to fit the Gilbert, Mesa and Phoenix home air conditioning installation necessities. As tax returns come in, blazing AZ temperatures follow in near proximity. Now is the time for Gilbert homeowners to stretch income dollars by talking advantage of the American Cooling and Heating 2014 air conditioning system sale. Local residents are already using tax refunds for home improvement, including the installation of a new heat pump, air conditioning system or Trane air filter system.

Rapid preparation for the upcoming Arizona summer can save on A/C installation charges, eliminate the cost of panic repair-or-replace of a crash-n-burn older air conditioning system, and ensure long-term warranty protection to boot. HVAC equipment maintenance helps prevent equipment failures, but sometimes the mechanics of an aged heat pump or overused air conditioning system just can’t reliably endure the raging 100-plus degree Arizona daily temperatures.

All ACH delivered and installed Trane air conditioning sales packages include:

  • Custom crafting for the installation environment
  • 24/7 guaranteed support
  • The best workmanship in the industry
  • Exact installation to manufacturer specifications and local/national codes
  • Availability of reduce-priced Air Conditioning maintenance package
  • Local technical support
  • AND much more.

Along with the Trane air conditioning sales package, the Company also sells and installs Amana, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem and all other respectable brands. The ACH inventory of discount, tax refund ready heating and cooling products includes:

  • A/C Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • HP Package Units
  • Split Heat Pump Systems
  • AND More.

Trane Air Conditioning Sales and Installation units are available in SEER ratings from 13 SEER to 20+ SEER. For more information and a FREE commercial or in-home Arizona Trane A/C installation estimate, contact American Cooling and Heating ASAP.



* Disclaimer: Various details and facts presented within this paper reflect data reported by agencies not under the authority of American Cooling and Heating. The Company is not responsible for accuracy in matters beyond ACH control.

Arizona Heat Pump Sales begin with tax refunds being received, homeowners getting ready to prepare for the coming increased temperatures expected this year

American Cooling And Heating is helping local Arizona Customers with a discounted Heat Pump installation program and special incentives.

Heat Pump And AC Unit In AZ 





Throughout the year American Cooling And Heating will offer a special discounted Heat Pump Installation Program and other incentives to help stretch those dollars for the local Arizona Homeowner. Tax refunds are being received and many are using them for home improvement projects including Heat Pump and Air Conditioning System Replacements and upgrades.

The Arizona summers can be brutal and preparation ahead of time is usually an avenue that should be pursued. HVAC equipment failures can often be avoided by keeping equipment well maintained, however there comes a point where mechanical tolerances are exceeded and materials have degraded, which result in reduced performance and reliability.

A timely Heat Pump or Air Conditioning System upgrade can provide an added reliability and provide savings by increased energy efficiency. HVAC Installation Workmanship is key to the functionality and longevity of new Heat Pump Equipment. Installation of any HVAC Equipment should always follow manufacturers specifications and national and local codes.

American Cooling And Heating sells and installs Trane, Carrier, Rheem, Goodman, Lennox, Amana, York, and all other Major Brands, providing all types of Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Systems, including: Heat Pump Package Units, Heat Pump Split Systems, Heat Pump Condensing Units, Heat Pump Air Handlers and all else. A/C and Heat Pump Systems have available efficiencies of 13 SEER, 14 SEER, 15 SEER, 16 SEER, up to 20+ SEER.

An inventory of discounted Air Conditioning and Heat Pump units allows ACH to provide some of the best prices to Arizona homes and businesses. Please contact American Cooling And Heating for a free in home or commercial estimate.

AZ Trane Heat Pump Sales: In Stock, Complete Trane HP Installation Packages

Trane heat pump sales ACHNATE Certified Arizona HVAC Professional, American Cooling and Heating Offers Valley-Wide Blowout Pricing on All Trane Heat Pump Sales and Installation Packages

It’s here: Tax season and perhaps the biggest Trane heat pump sales and installation promotion of 2014. And American Cooling and Heating holds the keys. Jump on board today.

Phoenix AccuWeather predicts regional temperatures rising into the mid-80s by as early as the first of March 2014 (1). Before the end of April, your daily East Valley lifestyle will include 90-degree heat bursts and boiling winds. By the end of May, Arizona temperatures will climb to 100-degrees daytime and 73-degrees nighttime. If your aged and struggling air conditioning or heat pump system endures on, the first of June 2014 will begin battles against 100-plus degree days and 80-plus degree nights. Taking advantage of the American Cooling and Heating blowout sale pricing on Trane Heat Pump sales and installation seems a reasonable early-warning response.

Tax Refunds and Blowout Trane Heat Pump Pricing Promote Comfortable Living

 According to the IRS 2012 End-of-Year filing statistics, the average U.S. tax refund came in at $2,803 per individual filer (2). The average 2012 individual refund for filers using direct deposit topped $2,900. Both figures were slightly down from reports from 2011. But how do Americans use these funds. For the 2013 filing season, better than 54% of the American public expects to receive a tax refund.

But how is it spent and what are the benefits of redirecting tax rebates toward home heating and cooling requirements?

In a paper reporting on how 1.5 million credit-constrained Americans spend tax refunds, Harvard Business School defines day-to-day necessities as the number one point of expenditure (3). For those in serious financial binds, items such as groceries, gasoline and the charges for rapid-refund deposits make short work of hands-on cash. Yet this tax group accounts for only 1.5% of the population. The bulk of Americans spend tax refunds as follows:

  • 7% Splurge on personal comfort
  • 9% Piddle the cash into nothingness
  • 26% Apply to necessities such as food, clothing, gas and home heating and cooling
  • 28% Invest or save
  • 30% Pay down existing debts or reduce the need for acquiring debt.

Investing in a new energy-efficient ACH installed Trane heat pump makes for wise use of tax refunds. Even if you typically splurge your refund on personal comfort, expenditures that promote better home cooling fits into that concept of personal spending interests. But using your tax refund to take advantage of the 2014 American Cooling and Heating valley-wide Arizona blowout pricing on all Trane heat pump sales and installation packages also helps reduce your acquired debt while meeting a long-term home necessity.  Modern Energy Star certified heat pumps reduce your yearly heating and cooling expenses by 9% over standard new models and 20% and more over what may be in your home. Installing a new Trane HP is an investment that can prevent you from:

  • Piddling away useful cash
  • Missing the meat of necessities on aged, inefficient and energy-devouring air conditioning equipment
  • AND dwindling saving due to unexpected future equipment failures.

The ACH 2014 Arizona binge sale on Trane heat pump installation and products packages provides you with competitive pricing, 24/7 air conditioning services, and the best Trane product support in the business. With a tax refund in the wind, and the urge to spend riding the currents, now is the time to schedule your FREE estimate on the cost of installing a new Trane heat pump at your Phoenix home. Financing available, new/old stock inventory, flexible payment plans, long-term product and service warranties.

  • You want honest and reliable HP and AC installation technicians. Call ACH Now!
  • You want professional and timely Trane AC and HP services. Call ACH Now!
  • You want extended warranty protection, emergency support and complete satisfaction: Call ACH Now!

Make your tax refund work for you. For more details on how to save on the cost of Trane heat pump products, click here.





Also servicing, installing and selling all other brands of heating and cooling equipment, including Amana, Goodman, Carrier and Rheem.



Gilbert Home Heating Safety Tips From American Cooling and Heating AZ

Gilbert Home Heating Safety Tips The Dangers of Using Alternative Heat to Make Up For A Worn-out Heat Pump

As winter chills bring new dips in Arizona temperatures, the importance of Gilbert home heating safety practices rises to the surface. Rather than trusting your installed Gilbert heat pump, some of you will cut corners by using space heaters, home fireplaces and other quick heat, room-regulated heating sources. Arizona-based American Heating and Cooling is here to help Gilbert residents practice wise home heating safety.

Modern heat pump technology provides energy efficient home heating at a fraction of the cost previously associated with effective HP performance. However, some Gilbert homeowners have not yet taken advantage of present-day opportunities. If you are trying to squeeze yet one more year out of an aged energy-hog Gilbert home heating system, consider the risks associated with freestanding heat units of any type.

Dedicated to protecting lives, poverty and the environment, the Gilbert Fire Department is always on guard and ready to provide you with rapid and effective emergency response (1). They strive to prevent fires before they start, but there are limits to the control the Gilbert Fire Department has over your lifestyle.

They can warn you of known fire risk factors. They can provide tips to help you know how to protect your home and your family. In the event that a fire does break out, they can strive to minimize the loss of life and property. Yet none of these goals can be accomplished without the purposed aid of each and every Gilbert citizen.

Many people think that it can’t or won’t happen to them. Yet national and state statistics prove that most injuries or deaths related to fire occur in the home. You can help protect yourself by installing tested and approved portable fire extinguishers. But you must understand that a fire extinguisher is not intended to permit you to control a large fire. In fact, a fire extinguisher is only useful against small fires that occur within a range of limited conditions.

Coal Stoves, Fireplaces and Spaces Heaters – A Major Cause of Home Fires

The 2001-2010 U.S. Fire Administration report on fire-related deaths reveals a 10-year decline in the national statistics (2). The figures are reported based upon deaths per million populations. Thus some of the decline is attributed to the increase in the U.S. population. But one must also wonder how much of the decline can be linked to new heating and cooling technology that reduces the need for homeowners to practice heating with more risky heat sources.

In a recent 24-hour period, the Grand Canyon fire protection volunteers responded to eight house fires. Fireplaces, space heaters and freestanding wood-burners or coal-burners account for much of the risks. Leaving such heating sources unattended increases the possibility of a home fire.

For the best in Gilbert Home Heating Safety, follow these tips:

  • Update your heating equipment – Switching to a state-of-the-art Gilbert Heat Pump, Oil System or Gas Heating System will save you money on the cost of energy and greatly reduce your risks of a heating-related house fire.
  • Space heaters need space – If you must rely on a space heater or a fireplace, remember to clear the area. From bedding to newspapers and from carpets to furniture, your home is a stockpile of combustible components. For safe operation, keep three feet or more between your heater and any combustible items.
  • Practice fireplace safety – This means use a fire screen, clear the area and never leave an unattended fire in the pit.
  • Inspections – Before cranking up any heating system for the new season, including your Gilbert Heat Pump, arrange for professional inspection and cleaning.
  • Avoid misuse of equipment – In the plain and simple of it, cooking ranges are not designed to heat your home.
  • Avoid extension cords – Electric space heaters demand lots of current. Make sure you plug directly into the wall outlets. Also never sleep while running any type of freestanding heat system.
  • Smoke alarms – Make sure yours works and test it regularly.


American Cooling and Heating – Providing Gilbert Home Heating Safety Checks

American Cooling and Heating is your complete Arizona heating and cooling service center. Perhaps you are not ready to update to a modern Gilbert Heat Pump installation. The heating inspection team at ACH understands that delay is sometimes necessary. But you cannot afford to ignore the importance of an HVAC seasonal inspection and tuneup. ACH guarantees:

  • Free estimates
  • Same day service
  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Reliable HVAC professionals
  • Skill to handle all models and brands
  • No mess and no pressure.
  • An honest report on the condition and reliability of your installed Gilbert heating system.


For more details concerning Gilbert Home Heating Safety, click here.











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