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Gilbert Heating and Air Conditioning Guide

Gilbert Heating and Air Conditioning Guide For Efficient AC / Heat Pump Maintenance

Getting the Most Our of Your Air Conditioning System

In the early 1920s, American homeowners had no concept of mechanical home air conditioning equipment. But by the late 1920s, a new beginning was in motion: manufactured cooling became a home reality. Yet from the perspective of a tired and sweaty household, HVAC progress moved extremely slowly. In fact, widespread household availability to efficient A/C equipment dates back a mere thirty years.

Tough isn’t it, and difficult to imagine. How did the old folks endure the hot and humid Gilbert summers without the comfort of indoor cooling systems?

But times change. Today, central air conditioning condensing units and/or air-source heat pumps provide daily relief throughout the world, including those homes that undergo the ever-increasing temperatures of the American mid-west.   

Proper A/C and Heat Pump Maintenance Reduces Cooling Costs

Many factors affect the cost of home cooling. From components that decrease the cooling load on your house to the introduction of alternative cooling processes such as installed fans and natural ventilation every change can induce new savings. But if you have an older home with an older air conditioning system, investing in a new energy-efficient heat pump may be your best option for reducing energy consumption.

In this paper we will talk about achieving maximum system efficiency via rightly applied A/C maintenance, upkeep, and performance tune-ups.

In the following pages, you will learn:

  • About the factors affecting maintenance of residential Gilbert HVAC systems
  • Distinctions in types of cooling system maintenance services
  • Process that require professional help
  • Responsibilities of the homeowner.


All mechanical equipment requires monitoring, routine cleaning, occasional adjustments, and eventual repair or replacement of individual and/or group components. The best assurance that HVAC equipment will endure for the expected life cycle is simple:

  • Schedule regular inspections
  • Calendar for yearly system tune-ups
  • Perform routine maintenance
  • Follow the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

Along with defining the above services, this text examines the following three primary components associated with heating and cooling maintenance services:

  • The essential HVAC service requirements for maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment
  • Service factors that help keep your Gilbert home heating and cooling equipment functioning efficiently throughout the expected lifecycle
  • AND the specifics of A/C and Heat Pump service and upkeep unique to the residential community of Gilbert, Arizona.

Herein you will find various inspection checklists and recommended corrective actions essential to reasonable residential HVAC maintenance issues. Some of the processes, such as performance tests and airflow measurements, typically require professional A/C and Heat Pump service techs. Others inspections can be accomplished with a minimum of visual attention to common factors, and can be performed by an unassisted Gilbert homeowner.


The basic approach herein assumes generic guidance, and must be treated as such. However, following these basic checklists can help you get your home HVAC equipment up to a standard for reasonable and reliable service.

The enclosed checklists, testing procedures, recommended corrective processes, and

This paper also assumes that your Gilbert home HVAC equipment was designed, sized and installed according to industry standards, applicable legal codes, and the associated original equipment manufacturers specifications.



SCOPE of Content 2


1.0) PURPOSE – Define basic air conditioning and heat pump service procedures  4

2.0) FACTORS – That Affect Maintenance of Residential HVAC Systems 4

2.1) Type of Service 4

2.2) Condition of Existing Equipment 4

2.3) Efficiency and Accuracy of the Original System Installation_ 4

2.4) Regional Locations 4

3.0) IMPLEMENTATION – System deficiencies, detect and correct 4

3.1) Responsibilities specific to the HVAC contractor: 4

3.2) Responsibilities Specific to the Homeowner: 5

3.3) Regional Considerations 5

3.4) Choose the Right Gilbert Contractor 5


1.0) Air Distribution Components Checklist 6

2.0) Temperature Management Checklist 6

3.0) System Freeze Up Checklist 6

1.0) PURPOSE – Define basic air conditioning and heat pump service procedures

Performing regularly scheduled HVAC system assessments, maintenance, and corrective repairs extends component and system efficiency, advances national efforts to ensure healthy clean air, promotes reduced utility expenses, helps reduce the occurrence of unexpected failures, and promotes longer a longer system life cycle. Furthermore, efficient home air conditioning benefits both the environment and the local homeowner.

2.0) FACTORS – That Affect Maintenance of Residential HVAC Systems

Although all HVAC contractors approach equipment maintenance and service with some degree of customized exceptions, they must all weigh in with a balance between service types and service intensity. Furthermore, they must also strive to operate within the established standards for reasonable A/C and Heat Pump inspection and maintenance requirements.

Factors that affect the approach and processes associated with servicing air conditioning equipment include:

2.1) Type of Service
  • Clean and Check
  • Seasonal Tune-Up
  • Full Maintenance Services
2.2) Condition of Existing Equipment
2.3) Efficiency and Accuracy of the Original System Installation
2.4) Regional Locations
3.0) IMPLEMENTATION – System deficiencies, detect and correct

Whether performing your own maintenance inspection or working with an HVAC contractor, implementation of the inspection seeks to detect system deficiencies that do or can impair the performance of the system. Once deficiencies are discovered, you must define the actions necessary for correcting the revealed problems.

Typically, you work with a appropriately licensed Gilbert HVAC contractor. As such, some of the following responsibilities and components of an A/C maintenance inspection fall upon the contractor and some fall upon the homeowner. Thus we assume that your situation falls within the following normal perimeters:

3.1) Responsibilities specific to the HVAC contractor:  
  • Inspect and evaluate your existing A/C or Heat Pump system according to basic occupant health and safety issues, local Gilbert HVAC building codes, manufacturer specifications and warranty regulations, national and local environmental regulations and building codes, and all applicable and reasonable industry service standards
  • Provide the homeowner with documented findings concerning faulty performance issues, a recommendation of corrective requirements, and a fixed cost for completing the recommended repairs.
3.2) Responsibilities Specific to the Homeowner:
  • Listen. Understand.
  • This is your home. You alone must make certain that reasonable HVAC service and maintenance is performed on schedule
  • Use an appropriately bonded, certified, insured and licensed Gilbert HVAC contractor
  • Get estimates in writing
  • Follow up to ensure that all discussed corrective services were performed as defined
3.3) Regional Considerations

You live in Gilbert, Arizona, a region with unique weather characteristics. In some ways, regional A/C and Heat Pump service guidance differs from other parts of the nation. The inspection must allow for applicable Gilbert codes, manufacturer equipment accessories, municipal ordinances, and the distinctive characteristics of your home.

3.4) Choose the Right Gilbert Contractor

Legitimate HVAC contractors are bonded, insured and licensed to perform air conditioning maintenance, installation and repair within their chosen region of service. Other points to consider:

  • Is the contractor certified by a legitimate HVAC resource?
  • Are the technicians trained and reliable?
  • Do they have experience with your specific brand of heating and cooling equipment?
  • Do they have ready access to system and subsystem components?
  • Can they demonstrate a reliable service record?


1.0) Air Distribution Components Checklist

Task and Recommended Correction

  • Air Filter Particulate Accumulation – Clean or replace filters
  • Integrity – Air Filter Housing – Repair or replace as necessary
  • Diffusers, Grilles and Registers – Clean as needed
  • Accessible Ductwork – Install additional access doors as                                                                    
  • Accumulated moisture – Eliminate leakage. Open drains
  • Biological Growth – Clean or Replace as needed. Contract for professional removal
  • Ductwork, including straps, mastics, insulation, joints and seams – Repair ductwork, associated insulation, and exterior vapor retarders.                                                                               .                                                                                     
2.0) Temperature Management Checklist

Even the best of the best heating and cooling equipment can be overworked.

  • Set thermostats between 77-79 degrees
  • Consider installing a programmable thermostat
  • Increase nighttime cooling to 78-80 degrees
  • Health conditions or certain equipment may require different settings
3.0) System Freeze Up Checklist
  • Check fuses to confirm that the unit is receiving power
  • Set blower fan to manual to confirm blower functionality
  • Ensure that registers are functional
  • Remove obstructions (furniture, draperies, pets) that block the return vent
  • Trip the fuses and wait several hours for the system to thaw out.

For proper A/C or Heat Pump System maintenance or if a problem persists, contact American Cooling And Heating for all of your Gilbert A/C Services at: (480) 699-2516 or visit:



  1. Any HVAC service should only be performed by a licensed, fully trained, and competent person and/or company.
  2. The contents in this article reflect accumulated data from various sources. ACH cannot and does not accept any legal responsibility to any person in respect of anything or the consequences of any reader responses, actions or lack of actions associated with reliance upon the whole or any part of this article and its content. All trademarks, logos, and associated content displayed are the property of their respective owners.

Searching For the Right Gilbert HVAC Contractor

ACH Presents – Searching For the Right Gilbert HVAC Contractor

Gilbert Arizona – At Val Vista Lakes Looking East At The Superstition Mountains

Gilbert, Arizona, a town of exciting and vibrant residents. According to recent reports by Mayor John Lewis, Gilbert, AZ has been identified among the best of best regions in America for city safety. Furthermore, this little region of Arizona paradise boasts a 200 thousand plus population served by a series of A-rated schools, a dynamic economic environment, and, in the words of the Mayor, “the lowest local tax burden of any municipality across Arizona. (1)”

From South East Gilbert looking south, residents can see the crest of San Tan Mountains. For those who live along Val Vista Lakes, a look to the south reveals a hint of mystery from the Superstition Mountains. But some folks just like to keep their eyes turned local. For them, a visit to the Gilbert Riparian preserve makes a wonderful spring outing.

In this country, residents can view tractors and orange groves on one morning and by afternoon they can stop by to see town hall and cacti. Or perhaps just enjoy an extended northern view of beautiful homes and open space living. And there is, for the out-of-towners who think Arizona has no greenery, the Farm-Merced.

Gilbert residents also enjoy:

  • An exceptional quality of community involvement
  • Remarkable personal security – Gilbert ranks 2nd Safest city in the U.S
  • Seven hundred acres of recreational open space
  • 8 million square feet of retail activity
  • Aggressive options for daily and weekend entertainment and gathering activities
  • A broad selection of Town sponsored festivals and marathons
  • And some of the finest homes within the Greater Phoenix area.

But whether you live in a Gilbert urban condo or a countryside homestead, home cooling must be considered a constant in your Arizona plans for comfortable living. This paper is designed to help you find the right Gilbert HVAC contractor for your personal needs.

Locating a Gilbert A/C or Heat Pump Service Center – Things To Remember

Keeping your Gilbert home comfortable, safe and healthy demands quality A/C and/or Heat Pump installation and services. From thermostat to exterior condensing units and everything HVAC that comes between, effective home air conditioning must function as a single, well-designed heating and cooling configuration

Personal home comfort is more than an installed air conditioning system. Cooling comfort that comes up short is nearly as bad as a cooling system that depends on electric fans, ice pails and open windows. The right Gilbert HVAC contractor knows how to make sure your home temperature management system rightly fits the unique environment, layout, and features of your home.

When seeking a professional A/C crew, you want people who offer products and solutions that meet:

  • Reasonable installation pricing
  • Long-term performance expectations
  • Personal comfort requirements
  • Simplicity in operations
  • Product quality assurance
  • Evidence of workmanship superiority in service, installation and maintenance
  • Manufacturer specific requirements for superior product performance
  • AND Remote management goals.

Save time and money. Living in Gilbert can be fun, relaxing, and comfortable. But if the A/C crashes, it sometimes seems as though the air in your home has turned into an enemy agent. When this happens, you need access to skilled heating and cooling experts that arrive quickly, ready for action, and already equipped with the parts that will get you running ASAP.

And in the event that time has vanquished your existing heat pump or air conditioning condensing system, you need access to an honest, reputable, and efficient Gilbert HVAC contractor capable of acting in your best interest via connections with all major heating and cooling equipment manufacturers.

Checklist of Vital Requirements For Reliable Gilbert Home Cooling

  • Are your phone calls and emails answered quickly?
  • Is the prospective HVAC contractor listed with the Gilbert or regional Phoenix Better Business Bureau?
  • Are the employees and techs drug tested and background checked?
  • Is the company bonded, licensed and insured to provide service on regional Gilbert homes?
  • Can the prospective contractor provide evidence of long-term activity in the HVAC service industry?
  • Do online and paper-based testimonials evidence the reliability, good faith, and customer assurance of a trusted Gilbert A/C contractor?
  • Do the company’s Heat Pump or Air Conditioning services and/or installation correspond to the website and personal promises given to prospective customers? Hint… Look for unresolved complaints at the local BBB page.
  • Do they offer “FREE” estimates?
  • What was the initial contact response time – a 24/7 promise should be reflected from the get-go?
  • Did the contractor spend time inspecting and assessing your current system, your home environment, and your personal expectations, restrictions and financial limitations?
  • Did the HVAC contractor provide a written, itemized estimate of the required parts and services?
  • Did the quote include a “Best Price Guarantee?”
  • Does the prospective A/C contractor carry an extensive line of brand name products?
  • Can the prospective HVAC Service Center present you with documentation that evidences the projected cost savings typically associated with installing new Energy Star qualified cooling and heating equipment?
  • Are the company representatives courteous, friendly, and up-front with information?
  • Did the contractor request up-front payment? If so, choose another.
  • What are the specifics of their guarantees: parts, parts only, workmanship, or parts and workmanship?

Apply this guide with diligent care. Pay attention to each step. It will help you locate a Gilbert HVAC contractor who is best suited for your location and specific household cooling requirements – and it may even help you save money on your next heating and cooling electric bill.

Gilbert Arizona Content Presented By…

American Cooling and Heating,

Serving Phoenix Arizona Metro and all surrounding cities, towns and areas. Air conditioning sales, installation, maintenance and repairs to the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Often referred to as the Valley of the Sun, the Salt River Valley or Metro Phoenix, this metropolitan area centers on the city of Phoenix and includes:

  • Gilbert
  • Mesa
  • Glendale
  • And Others.

Our services include A/C and Heat Pump replacement, Maintenance, and Repair. Our 24-hour AC Repair and AC Installation Service teams are on standby to meet your needs when the time arises.

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  1. Any HVAC service should only be performed by a licensed, fully trained, and competent person and/or company.
  2. The contents in this article reflect accumulated data from various sources. ACH cannot and does not accept any legal responsibility to any person in respect of anything or the consequences of any reader responses, actions or lack of actions associated with reliance upon the whole or any part of this article and its content. All trademarks, logos, and associated content displayed are the property of their respective owners.

A/C Checklist For Homeowners Seeking Quality Mesa HVAC Service Providers

Mesa Arizona — A/C Checklist For Homeowners Seeking Quality Mesa HVAC Service Providers

Importance of Air Conditioning in Mesa, Arizona

Whether you already reside in Mesa, AZ or you are seeking new residence in this awesome midwestern community, bet on one primary point: Sooner or later you will want to seek out a reliable Mesa HVAC service center. This is a city filled with excitement and busy people. It is also an area where the average summer temperatures run above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the average mid-summer temperatures crest above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

So face it: life in Mesa without a functional and efficient in-home air conditioning system gets sticky, sweaty, and sometimes even dangerous.

2010 U.S. census counts estimate that over fourteen percent of Mesa’s 400 thousand plus people are over 65 years old. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines heat stress as a major problem for the elderly (1). To help prevent heat stress, the CDC recommends:

  • Avoidance of strenuous activities
  • Consumption of cool, nonalcoholic beverages
  • Cool showers
  • Wearing lightweight clothing
  • AND seeking an air-conditioned environment.

But the population of Mesa includes more than a handful of elderly folks. In fact, women make up nearly 50 percent of the regional residents. Reliable air conditioning improves health conditions in hospitals, promotes a better sales atmosphere for retail shops, and for Mesa homeowners, it just plain keeps the family cool, comfortable and chummy.

Best way to keep it that way: Identify in advance who you want to handle your Mesa HVAC service calls.

Life In Mesa – A Side Note For Prospective Residents

Mesa, Arizona. It sets to the south-ease of Scottsdale, directly north of Mesa, and just northeast of Chandler. Some major points of interest include:

  • The Mesa Arts Center
  • The Arizona Museum of Natural History
  • Hohokam Stadium
  • AND the Champlin Fighter Museum, an aircraft museum that is specialized in airworthy World War I and World War II fighters.

Educational opportunities include the Mesa-located Arizona State University, the Mesa Community College, and the for-profit Universal Technical Institute designed for students seeking entry level careers in the repair and service of transportation vehicles such as autos, diesel, marine and even motorcycles. Furthermore, this small slice of Arizona boasts of:

  • 85 Public Elementary Schools
  • 19 Public Middle Schools
  • AND 29 Public High Schools.

Housing and community development services include:

  • Rental assistance programs
  • Homeownership opportunities designed for neighborhood stabilization and home investment partnerships
  • Programs designated to assist in homeowner emergency repair
  • AND a host of Human Service plans developed in partnership with HUD.

Other reasons for choosing Mesa:

  • This is the 38th largest city in the U.S.
  • Mesa “Downtown” offers fine dining, a multitude of shopping venues, and an access to vibrant and exciting on-going arts and cultural activities
  • Fascinating people
  • Transit-oriented development
  • A plan for growth offering attractive business opportunities in multiple arenas
  • A daily workweek Light Rail throughout downtown
  • Reliable police force
  • And core location to critical Arizona happenings.

You will want to keep the A/C tuned-up, efficient, and filled with coolant. But in a city that boasts over 383 hotel rooms, 665 businesses, and rapid access to all areas throughout downtown all your really need is a reliable HVAC service provided that assures 24/7 response time.

Check List: How To Find a Reliable Mesa Arizona HVAC Service Provider

  • Response Time – Response to initial phone calls and emails is a good example of what to expect in the overall response time.
  • BBB Listing – Professional HVAC contractors file with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Drug Testing – Employ background and drug checks are now standard business practices.
  • Essentials – Must be bonded, licensed and insured to provide service on regional Mesa homes
  • Informative – A/C and Heat Pump salesmen/technicians should take time to make sure you “fully” understand all aspects of the job. If you have to pull teeth to get answers, consider something not right.
  • History – The age of the prospective HVAC contractor’s business can reveal evidence of reliability.
  • Testimonials – Both online and paper-based should evidence reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Estimates – Professional Mesa A/C Centers offer “FREE” estimates?
  • Assessment and Inspection – Your prospective Mesa HVAC contractor should do a full and complete assessment and inspection of your current heat pump or A/C system, your home environment, and your personal expectations, restrictions and financial limitations.
  • Itemized Estimate – Expect a written, itemized estimate of the required parts and services.
  • Price Guarantee – Get one.
  • Product Line – Don’t permit the contractor to limit your choices.
  • Documented Savings Report – If upgrading to Energy Star rated products, expect documented evidence of projected savings.
  • Company Representatives – Should be informed, courteous, and up-front with information.
  • Payment – Only when the job is completed.
  • Warranty – Get parts and labor in writing.

Apply this guide with diligent care. Pay attention to each step. It will help you locate a Mesa HVAC contractor who is best suited for your location and specific household cooling requirements – and it may even help you save money on your next heating and cooling electric bill.

For more information, contact American Cooling and Heating

Please call: (480) 699-2516 or visit:




  1. Any HVAC service should only be performed by a licensed, fully trained, and competent person and/or company.
  2. The contents in this article reflect accumulated data from various sources. ACH cannot and does not accept any legal responsibility to any person in respect of anything or the consequences of any reader responses, actions or lack of actions associated with reliance upon the whole or any part of this article and its content. All trademarks, logos, and associated content displayed are the property of their respective owners.

Arizona Heat Pump Sales begin with tax refunds being received, homeowners getting ready to prepare for the coming increased temperatures expected this year

American Cooling And Heating is helping local Arizona Customers with a discounted Heat Pump installation program and special incentives.

Heat Pump And AC Unit In AZ 





Throughout the year American Cooling And Heating will offer a special discounted Heat Pump Installation Program and other incentives to help stretch those dollars for the local Arizona Homeowner. Tax refunds are being received and many are using them for home improvement projects including Heat Pump and Air Conditioning System Replacements and upgrades.

The Arizona summers can be brutal and preparation ahead of time is usually an avenue that should be pursued. HVAC equipment failures can often be avoided by keeping equipment well maintained, however there comes a point where mechanical tolerances are exceeded and materials have degraded, which result in reduced performance and reliability.

A timely Heat Pump or Air Conditioning System upgrade can provide an added reliability and provide savings by increased energy efficiency. HVAC Installation Workmanship is key to the functionality and longevity of new Heat Pump Equipment. Installation of any HVAC Equipment should always follow manufacturers specifications and national and local codes.

American Cooling And Heating sells and installs Trane, Carrier, Rheem, Goodman, Lennox, Amana, York, and all other Major Brands, providing all types of Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Systems, including: Heat Pump Package Units, Heat Pump Split Systems, Heat Pump Condensing Units, Heat Pump Air Handlers and all else. A/C and Heat Pump Systems have available efficiencies of 13 SEER, 14 SEER, 15 SEER, 16 SEER, up to 20+ SEER.

An inventory of discounted Air Conditioning and Heat Pump units allows ACH to provide some of the best prices to Arizona homes and businesses. Please contact American Cooling And Heating for a free in home or commercial estimate.

Introducing Carrier® Greenspeed™ Intelligence: Arizona HVAC Installation and Service Center, American Cooling and Heating, Releases New Series of Energy Efficiency Education Discussions

Arizona-Based American Cooling and Heating Kicks Off New Energy Efficiency Education Series With a Priority Focus On Carrier® Infinity® Heat Pump with Greenspeed™ Technology

Concerning state-of-the-art air conditioning technology, Arizona consumers deserve reliable updates from a premier Mesa AZ heating and cooling provider. Herein, American Cooling and Heating presents the full “Scoop” on Carrier’s Greenspeed™ Intelligence A/C control system.

“Released in 2011 as a ground-breaking expansion in heating efficiency, Greenspeed™ Technology has pumped Carrier® to an unprecedented level of Air Conditioning performance. It’s a technological advancement that enhances the efficiency of Carrier® Infinity® Heat Pumps. For the best in air conditioning comfort, pricing and energy efficiency, go with Greenspeed™,” Phoenix A/C installation regional manager, ACH.

Exclusive One-of-a-Kind Carrier Air Conditioning Resource for Total Home Comfort

From costs saving energy-efficiency to exceptional personal comforts, the Carrier® Infinity® Series HP/with Greenspeed™ Intelligence provides a level of heating and cooling excellence never before experienced by the buying public. These powerhouse heating and cooling systems bear Carrier’s highest seal for heat pump efficiency ratings. Even when outside temperatures drop below freezing, the Infinity® with Greenspeed™ provides effective cooling management that eliminates the need for auxiliary heating resources. Likewise, when the exterior air is cooking at 88 degrees, the Infinity® provides interior comfort without pumping up cold air like it was 106 degrees outside.

Older Central A/C equipment is either ramped on or ramped off. The early technology lacks the capacity to adapt to changing environmental conditions. In essence, older systems waste money by running at full-speed even when half-speed can provide comfortable and more energy-efficient heating and cooling.

But Greenspeed™ technology when merged with the Carrier’s Infinity controls use a form of computerized artificial intelligence to “learn,” “think” and adapt in a way that provides advance management of home and business comfort levels. The Infinity with Greenspeed™ measures humidity, desired customer comfort ranges, and outside temperatures so as to make an “intelligent” decision on how to best apply the home’s energy needs. The adaptable-speed cooling of Infinity plus Greenspeed™ technology provides the most efficient method of providing optimal air conditioning comfort.

Heat Pump Performance Demands Quality Heat Pump Installation

Rated editors choice among the Greenbuilder hot 50 products of 2012, the Infinity® Series Heat Pump With Greenspeed™ Intelligence pulls top numbers, including:

· 7 of 7 in Heat Efficiency 
· 7 of 7 in Cool Efficiency 
· AND 7 of 7 in Level of Quietness.

However, effective A/C performance also depends on the skills, know-how and air conditioning installation expertise of the local heat pump installation team. Even the best of the best in heating and cooling equipment excels or fails at the hands of the installer. Arizona temperatures impose exceptional demands on home and business cooling systems. Correctly matching factory specific heat pump installation procedures makes the difference between merely cooling a structure and in comfortable but effective energy-efficient cooling of that structure.

American Cooling and Heating guarantees Arizona customers professional, reliable and accurate Carrier A/C Service 24/7:

· Arizona heat pump and air conditioning repairs 
· Arizona air conditioning and heat pump maintenance 
· AND Arizona heat pump installation and Arizona A/C installation.

Understanding the Importance of Greenspeed™ Technology

Greenspeed™ Technology ups the stakes. When the Carrier® Infinity® 20 Heat Pump is combined with Carrier® Greenspeed™ Intelligence, Phoenix customers get a system that:

· Delivers comfortable heating at three times the efficiency of standard forced-air electric furnaces 
· Uses a variable-speed compressor to enable soft-start ramp up or ramp down rather than surge behavior 
· Smoothly adjusts to variable output ranges from 40 to 100 percent of capacity 
· Functions as an intelligent unit management system 
· Provides an adaptable and accurate communications link between customer comfort choices, energy efficiency operation and reliable system performance.

The Carrier® Infinity® Heat Pump system with Greenspeed™ reaches efficiency ratings that tap the top of the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF), making Infinity® Heat Pumps the highest ducted heating HSPF 13 efficiency air conditioning system available.

Energy Costs Shrink, Comfort Levels Soar

When ACH installs Infinity® with Greenspeed™ in AZ homes or AZ businesses, a strange and exciting behind-the-scenes technology springs into effect. Energy consumption decreases yet home temperatures are precisely aligned to overcome the pressure of exterior temperatures. Homeowner comfort increases and cost-effective automation makes it happen.

When correctly installed, the Infinity® with Greenspeed™ provides Arizona consumers with:

· SEER – up to 20 
· HSPF – up to 13 
· Quietness – as low as 58 dB2 
· Variable-Speed Temperature Control – For superior humidity, temperature management and personal comfort 
· Onboard Diagnostics – Using Infinity® Control system 
· AND a 10-year limited warranty providing proper system registration.

American Cooling And Heating valley-wide A/C services provide Carrier® Infinity® Heat Pumps with Carrier Greenspeed™ Technology throughout Glendale, Gilbert, Mesa, Peoria and all other Phoenix areas. Please visit:

Valleywide Service • Fast Response 24/7
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