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Trane Commercial HVAC Systems – Dedicated Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Equipment

Trane Commercial HVACIngersoll Rand / Trane Commercial HVAC Climate commitment

As a company that fully understands the pressing challenges associated with global warming, Ingersoll Rand, including the Trane Commercial HVAC division, has openly declared a global commitment to help resolve some of the world’s existing and future climate change problems (1). Although Ingersoll’s Trane commercial AC departments cannot address every cause and effect of climate change, they can and do address issues pertaining to greenhouse gas emissions and the unsustainable demand for energy resources within the heating and cooling industry.

According to Ingersoll’s Trane commercial air conditioning website, the company is committed to increasing energy efficiency in HVAC equipment while simultaneously crafting that equipment to reduce the associated air conditioning and refrigeration emission of greenhouse gas (GHG) components. According to the September 22, 2014 press release, current efforts toward that goal include:

  • A fifty-percent decrease in the GHG refrigerant footprint of Trane air conditioning and refrigeration products by the year 2020
  • The modification of equipment for use of alternative refrigerant components in all Trane A/C products across the board by the year 2030
  • A five-year Company commitment to research and development. The $500-million investment is designed to help Trane created an HVAC-related long-term reduction in GHG emissions
  • An internal shift in operations designed to reduce the functional in-house greenhouse gas footprint by thirty-five percent by the year 2020
  • AND more.

 Ingersoll Rand Parent To Trane Commercial HVAC and More

As a $12 billion global business, Ingersoll Rand receives income by manufacturing and selling energy-efficient manufacturing environmental controls and comfort-sustainable living and working environments. The Ingersoll family of brands includes:

  • Club Car®
  • Ingersoll Rand®
  • Thermo King®
  • AND Trane®.

The Trane Commercial Air Conditioning Division

The Trane division of Ingersoll Rand sprang out of La Crosse, Wis. in 1885 when James Trane and son, Reuben, developed and introduced a new design for low-pressure steam heating. Then the company grew, introducing Trane commercial AC systems and other large building chiller units. By 1984, Trane was a national know provider of residential and energy management heating and cooling equipment. In June of 2008, the Ingersoll Rand Company acquired all rights to the Trane HVAC Company.

Commercial HVAC products include:

  • Chillers – Air-cooled, water-cooled, and even absorption liquid systems
  • Unitary Systems — From self-contained to split systems, including options for water source heat pumps
  • Air Handlers – With stock units for air cleaning options, blower coil units, make-up air gas heat systems, and other performance air handlers
  • Terminal Devices – Ranging from Fan coil components to ventilation fans, and a host of options for variable air volume
  • Ductless Systems – Noted for using Advantage VRF (Variable Refrigerant Volume) efficiency.

Furthermore, the Trane commercial HVAC product line includes the Trane dedicated outdoor air solution system. The unit makes use of 100-percent outdoor air, thus providing better indoor air quality (IAQ), efficient control of relative humidity, and an effective decrease in the work load of existing internal HVAC equipment.

And then… Sometimes you need coils replaced. The Trane commercial AC SureFit Coils operation can satisfy that requirement. The SureFit division produces 90% of all Trane coils. Availability is within 1 to 3 days. But what really makes it nice… American Cooling and Heating can take care of all the fine details. You don’t have to fret the time frame or the process of what to order.

American Cooling And Heating provides Trane Commercial HVAC Sales and Service

You expect quality service from your Arizona commercial A/C installation and service center. American Cooling and Heating provides Trane commercial AC maintenance, service and installation. So remember: Trane products may rank among the best in the commercial HVAC industry, but it takes installation workmanship to reap the highest margin of Trane commercial air conditioning efficiency.

Contact the American Cooling and Heating commercial HVAC sales center now.









Greenhouse Gases Catch 22, Obama Administration Confronts HFCs

global warming - greenhouse gases catch 22Next Step Obama Administration Effort To Reduce Greenhouse Gases Catch 22 Problems

Greenhouse gases Catch 22, what are the issues? The battle to reduce climate change has caused many complications in the way Americans and the world perceive the costs of owning and operating air conditioning and refrigerant equipment. And when the efforts to reduce greenhouse gases result in fixes that need fixing, some might question the need for any kind of fix.

I’m not taking sides in the arguments for or against global warming. That’s a different subject. But I do want to point out a simple Catch 22 that climate change experts and the White House rule makers should keep in mind when evoking new laws that force major expenses on homeowners, business owners and the heating and cooling industry as a whole. Replacing a home air conditioning system can be expensive. And no one wants to to hear about HFCs problems three years after the installation..   

Obama Administration and the EPA Battleground

On September 16, 2014 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) moved into the next phase of the Obama Administrations commitment toward curbing greenhouse gases. Tagged as a “fresh” approach in the ongoing battle to reduce hydroflourocarbons (HFCs), the White House has set focus on a handful of global industries. The goal is twofold:

  1. Educate the private sector concerning the risk of HFCs associated usage in modern refrigerators and air conditioners
  2. Develop and deploy alternative technologies for heating and cooling resources.

Typically defined as stronger than CO2 by as much as 10,000 times, HFCs greenhouse gases are considered a major contributor to worldwide climate change. The products come about in a sort of control greenhouse gases Catch 22 arrangement wherein HFCs chemicals were introduced as a replacement for refrigerant and air-conditioning freon back in the 1990s.

The Catch: Although HFCs products cause no harm to the Earth’s ozone layer they are yet major contributors to climate change. So it’s a solution wherein we fix one thing with something that also ends up needing a fix. But what drives the efforts?

According to the 2013 Climate Analytics reports, not curbing greenhouse gases associated with HFC emission will result in a related climate change problem tripled in size by 2030 (1). On the other hand, corrective reduction in HFC gases bears the hope of decreasing global temperature by ½ degree before 2050. Seems a long wait and lots of work for ½ degree. One can only hope that this fix does not result in yet another threat from a different angle.

In seeking to illustrate the expected result-to-action goals, the Obama Administration confronts HFCs by providing industry and public with the following examples:

  • A reduction in HFC related greenhouse gases such as R-134a as used in refrigerant and air conditioning equipment could produce a 1.5% decrease from greenhouse gases as measured in 2010.
  • Increased management and leak control in supermarkets could eliminate 27-million metric tons of carbon dioxide. This is a per year reduction that can reduce processing costs as well as climate-changing gas emissions.

Greenhouse Gases Catch 22

As defined by Merriam-Webster, the term “Catch 22” pertains to a difficult situation wherein there can be uncovered no simple, easy or possible solution. It’s a “problematic situation for which the only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problem. (2)” Furthermore, any efforts to resolve the problem tend to result in an opposite effect of what is intended.

While I don’t deny the need to address global warming, climate change, and the need for curbing greenhouse gases, I wonder if we are once again getting ready to take on another climate change Catch 22? As in past efforts to management climate control, the answer to that question may be a while in coming. Right now, the EPA plans to publish a new list of approved fluorinated and non-fluorinated chemicals to be used in heating, cooling, refrigerant and other related HFCs dependent industries. So once again the nation will invest in workshops, equipment and upgrades to help the industry move away from HFCs.

Is it just another greenhouse gases Catch 22? Thoughts, views and opinions are welcome.





1) Climate Analytics, All Publications, 09/17/2014

2) Merriam-Webster, Catch 22, noun, often in caps



Goodman Heating and Cooling Growth Projections

2012 Daikin Buyout of Goodman Heating and Cooling

Perhaps you remember the 2012 Daikin Industries Ltd. buyout of Goodman heating and cooling (Goodman Global Inc.). In initiating the $3.7 billion purchase, Daikin hoped to open new doors into the North America heating and cooling business (1). The deal provided Daikin with better than 900 new points of distribution into the home air conditioning marketplace. However, it also opened some flack in the mind of Moody’s Investors Service and other securities monitoring agencies. For example: Senior analyst for the Iwai Cosmo Securities Co. said that the deal might be a bit too big for Daikin. And of course, such comments caused a serious drop in Daikin shares. At the close of the Aug. 1, 2012 Tokyo trading day, Daikin shares were down 3.5 percent.

Ah, but time passes, viewpoints change, and homeowners reap the benefits.

Fast Forward To 2014 And the Daikin Goal For Goodman Heating and Cooling

Goodman Heading and Cooling CEO A new Goodman CEO, Takeshi Ebisu, is in place. Established plans for increased growth in manufacturing dominate the vision. Takeshi determines to lead Daikin’s United States operations, including Goodman air conditioning divisions into a productive, innovative and prosperous future. For Mr. Ebisu, the Goodman Global Group Inc., Houston-based heating, ventilation and air conditioning product base will soon incorporate a greater global influence throughout the HVAC community (2).

With over twenty years experience with Daikin, Takeshi has the negotiating experiences to bring about greater performance, higher market growth, and better global product distribution for both companies. Integrating strategies will make it happen. It’s a global mindset that expands the Goodman heating and cooling focus into the global marketplace while also enhancing support for the local buyer of Goodman Air Conditioning products throughout North America.

The Goodman U.S. manufacturing operations will expand. Both Daikin and Goodman will combine strengths to provide homeowners and business owners with more options, better products, and HVAC resources that will be the rival of anything heating and cooling on the market.

 Not Just A Daikin/Goodman A/C Vision

The changes are already in effect. By late 2013, Daikin’s first U.S.  A/C manufacturing project cranked up at the Huston-based Goodman air conditioning plant. But that was just a beginning. Currently Daikin produces three brands of HVAC equipment in U.S. based manufacturing plants:

  • Goodman Air Conditioning and Goodman Heat Pump Brands
  • Amana Air Conditioning Brands
  • AND The Newly Introduced Daikin Air Conditioning Brand.

The vision according to Ebisu includes long-term HVAC development projects as well as short-term revenue for all divisions. The manufacturing process will expand to include production of various affiliated products. Regional recognition is just as important as global recognition. Ebisu intends for Goodman and Daikin products to become the local favorite throughout the U.S. The products, already established and respected, will become even more distinguished for:

  • Product durability
  • Product reliability
  • Product options
  • Product warranties
  • AND Cost-efficient product pricing.

Concerning the growth and the performance issues, Ebisu says: “I’m not saying that hasn’t been the case, but with our new products, we want to be accepted more into the market.”

ACH For Reliable Installation of Quality Goodman Heating and Cooling Products

Goodman heating and cooling products may be the right match for your Arizona home. Priced to be affordable, and crafted to be reliable, a Goodman heat pump will help you remain cool and comfortable all summer long while also providing energy-efficient heating during the winter. These products are remarkably efficient heating and cooling equipment.

Goodman warranties are among the best in the HVAC industry. The American Cooling and Heating workmanship warranty sweetens the value. You get tough products, installed by some of the best A/C technicians in Arizona, and your choice of a Goodman heat pump or a Goodman air conditioning condensing system. And you get a product that best suits the needs of your Arizona home.

For more information concerning reasonable HVAC equipment pricing and reliable Arizona HVAC installation of a Goodman air conditioning system, click here.








Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Technology, and Applied Physics?

Improving Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Performance Via Magnetic Cooling

In the Popular Mechanics article “A Brief History of Air Conditioning,” the author begins the timeline in 1758 with Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley (1). Franklin “I invented everything,” and Hadley, professor at Cambridge University, discovered the cooling powers of evaporation of volatile liquids. Alcohol and similar type liquids, when applied to an object, evaporate quicker than water. The process is actually capable of freezing water.

Now leap forward in time to 2014. to an applied physics letter printed in AIP Scitation. The abstract of the letter, “Anisotropy-enhanced Giant Reversible Rotating Magnetocaloric Effect in HoMn2O5 Single Crystals,” begins by presenting the foundation for applied magnetic and magnetocaloric properties. The authors, M. Balli, S. Jandl, P. Fournier, and M. M. Gospodinov discuss the power of applying rotation rather than in-and-out implementation to the single crystal HoMn2O5 contained by the cb plane in a stable magnetic field. The process proves capable of driving efficient rotary magnetic refrigerators.


Magnetic Cooling, A Novel Path To Improved Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

The advantages of rotary magnetic refrigeration technology include reduced energy demands, elimination of harmful cooling fluids, and a simpler way of doing things. The end result: An environmentally friendly cooling process that works better and easier than modern fluid-compression refrigeration methods. Described as the key to better “green” air conditioning and refrigeration technology by the Canadian-Bulgarian research team credited with development of the process, rotary magnetic technology revolves around solid magnetic substances defined by the team as magnetocaloric materials. The primary efficiency of the process lies in the ability to scale in direct proportion to the generated magnetocaloric effect.

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According to “Magnetocaloric effect and magnetic cooling near a field-induced quantum-critical point (3)” released by NCBI resources, the magnetocaloric effect (MCE) is defined as a “temperature change in response to an adiabatic change of the magnetic field.” Past applications of magnetocaloric refrigeration have been focused on cryogenic temperatures. However, the new applications point clearly to extending the power of the process to meet the need for room air conditioning. Previously, paramagnetic salts were the choice materials applied to low-temperature refrigeration — including room temperature control. However, the efficiency of MCE, ease of operation, and adaptability of the process under applied microgravity conditions paramagnets now offer a reliable alternative to standard dilution refrigerators and space cooling technology.


How It Works, A Simple Example

Ferromagnetic materials, known for a tendency to heat up when magnetized and to cool down when the magnetic field is removed, is considered a magnetocaloric material. Magnetic fields cause ferromagnetic materials to achieve a higher state of order. However, even as order is achieved, the increase in the material’s temperature generates disorder within the atomic lattice. By contrast, removal of the magnetic influence results in a more ordered atomic lattice, which in turn causes a reduction in the material’s temperature. The essential power of magnetic refrigeration: It uses heat transfer via fluid to recapture the produced cooling energy.

It may not be in your home tomorrow, but air conditioning, refrigeration and applied physics is coming your way. The power of magnetic cooling technology and the eco-friendly solutions of a rotating magnetocaloric cooling system may well change the path of both modern domestic and modern industrial air conditioning and refrigeration function. Simple. Efficient. And compact Arizona home air conditioning. You got to like it.


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2)      Applied Physics Letters June 10, 2014 (DOI: 10.1063/1.4880818). :






Unlicensed HVAC Contractors Damage Industry Credibility – HVAC News Today

Unlicensed HVAC Contractors Make a MessIn HVAC News Today: A/C Industry Strives To Shut Down Unlicensed HVAC Contractors

Unlicensed HVAC contractors may work cheaper than a bonded, insured and licensed A/C service company, but are the upfront saving worth the long-term risks? Not according to Matt Bishop, Business Management Editor at the HVACR contractor’s HVAC news web center. When dealing with unlicensed air conditioning contractors, the typical homeowner experiences:

  • Shoddy craftsmanship
  • Deceitful troubleshooting techniques
  • Unreliable A/C services, including substandard A/C installation
  • Homeowner remorse over the entire venture
  • AND more.
TIP! Before having someone install new Arizona A/C services in your home, make sure they are insured. Uninsured contractors leave you unprotected, and financially responsible for the results of shoddy air conditioning repairs, installation or services.

Homeowners who deal with under-trained cut-price heating and cooling service techs often find that preconceived cash savings easily shift into the range of costly mistakes. Air conditioning technicians, so-called, who operate outside the laws of the nation typically ignore industry-accepted cooling and heating equipment installation and service regulations, and the expectations of the homeowner. According to ACCA senior vice president of government relations, Charlie McCrudden, such individuals “…take advantage of lax enforcement of permitting rules, licensing requirements, and the Clean Air Act.” Furthermore, Mr. McCrudden says that the government is currently unable to track or control the problem. Too many individuals, McCrudden says, “… are posing as professional HVAC technicians.”

TIP! Get bids from several companies before deciding who you are going to hire to install or repair your HVAC system. Most people know to avoid the company that has the highest quote, but you should also stay away from the one with the lowest.


HVAC News Today: Reputation or Unlicensed HVAC Contractors

In the air conditioning industry, a good reputation is paramount to the word-of-mouth advertising that so often establishes customer trust. In HVAC News today, A/C associations and reputable Arizona A/C installers are pushing the drive to focus on identifying and curbing unlicensed air conditioning contractors. For the good of the homeowners, and the industry, proper licensing is a must-have component of quality HVAC services.

According to the Yavapai County Contractors Association (YCCA) out of Prescott, AZ, homeowners have the right to hire unlicensed HVAC contractors. However, the foreword is simple: “Beware!” Sandy Griffis, YCCA Executive Director, says that contractor licensing does not assure technical skill, proficiency or even a measure of competence. “However,” Griffis also says, “…hiring an unlicensed contractor is certainly a hazard.” Here are three primary points to remember:

  • Unlicensed can mean low bids, but the financial and legal consequences may be more than your original bargain included
  • Hiring a licensed Arizona air conditioning contractor provides better protection than any after-event legal remedies
  • Most licensed AZ A/C contractors are competent, dedicated, financially responsible, and well trained
  • The State of Arizona promotes safety, health public welfare, and reliable construction practices via proper licensing and a well-designed regulatory system.
TIP!  For Great On-Sale  Arizona Air Conditioning Deals check out American Cooling and Heating today.

For the legitimate Arizona air conditioning installation and service center that plays by the rules, the battle against unlicensed low-bidders means missed business opportunities and higher cost margins. For you, the Arizona homeowner, this may mean a risky venture for the sake of possible money savings. In recent years, the number of complaints via the Arizona Registrar of Contractors has climbed quickly and suddenly. The cost of scamming affects legitimate contractors, society as a whole, and you.

To report unlicensed HVAC contractors in your area, Arizona residents can use the Arizona Registrar of Contractors on-site tip form.


Unlicensed HVAC Contractors Miss The Mark

According to YCCA, most homeowners could prevent construction problems just by learning their home improvement rights and then taking personal responsibility for the project. Informed consumers make better buying decisions. Working with reputable Arizona air conditioning contractors is one path to ensuring that you do not become the victim of unscrupulous or unlicensed HVAC contractors.

TIP! If you are having a new HVAC unit installed in your Arizona home, don’t overlook  the duct work. Even the most  energy efficient air conditioning equipment will waste energy if the home duct work is in need of repair or replacement.

Protect yourself. Avoid working with unlicensed craftsmen, so-called. Don’t get scammed, get cool. Licensed Arizona HVAC contractors follow sound business practices, including:

  • Paying taxes
  • Buying and maintaining yearly insurance
  • Running background checks on prospective new employees
  • Setting up a bonded practice
  • AND More.

To gain a state HVAC license, the contractor must show experience and capability. The test is designed to eliminate shade-tree A/C service techs. And although the licensing is not the “end-all, be-all” solution to finding an ethical and qualified heating and cooling contractor, it does evidence attention to matters pertaining to quality and good business practices. Furthermore, the heating and cooling industry is evolving, reaching beyond heating and cooling and into the area of indoor air quality (IAQ) and extended home comfort performance. Proven A/C technical understanding and knowledge, and the assurance thereof, is more important than ever before.

American Cooling and Heating: Bonded, insured and licensed. For more information on unlicensed HVAC contractors, click here.

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