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HVAC Control and Lighting for Business – Trane Tracer Concierge System

Trane Tracer Concierge HVAC Control SystemHVAC technology already exceeds by far the capacity once noted among heating and cooling product manufacturers. Yet it seems always that new improvements make their way into homes and businesses. Whether home or business, we all seek better equipment functionality, reliability and efficiency. With the introduction of the Tracer Concierge BAS (building automation system), Trane offers the world a selection of building automation software that is exceedingly more functional than a traditional thermostat management system.

Designed to enable centralized management over installed heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and air conditioning equipment, the Concierge™ HVAC system enables essential control over building comfort and lighting from a single simplified and affordable resource center. The system takes advantage of current touch-screen technology, and includes a display that shows the specs within individual buildings and individual regions within any of the given buildings. It’s single-point management designed to enable group control over multiple rooms, HVAC equipment, components and area lighting. Thus… The Trance Tracer Concierge BAS system eliminates installation of multiple thermostat control systems.

The Tracer Concierge HVAC control system includes:

  •  A modifiable preloaded scheduler
  • Options for long term (365 day) programming
  • PIN control protection designed to prevent system override
  • Web-enabled diagnostic software
  • An installed Trane Air-Fi wireless operating system
  • AND More.

 More Facts About Trane Tracer Concierge

What It Does…

  • Designed – For simplified management of building lighting and HVAC control services
  • Crafted – To help reduce air conditioning and lighting operating expenses
  • Efficiency – The Concierge user interface focuses on simplicity, ease of use, and enabling better overall equipment performance.


  •  Tracer HVAC Controls – Offer bundled system that uses Trane components powered on a proven Tracer controls platform. Also enables automated multi-functionality and a simplified user interface.
  • Web-Enabled Access – Crafted for rapid web-based access enabling rapid diagnostic and troubleshooting services. Focus is on remote maintenance and reduced downtime.
  • User-Focused Control Interface – Simple is better. The Concierges comes with a 10-inch touch screen display. Available information includes graphic scheduling of all parts in single or multiple buildings.
  • Group Integrated Technology – By using technology crafted to enable integration with old, new, Trane HVAC and non-Trane HVAC control equipment, the Concierge functions equally well with existing building HVAC and lighting systems.
  • Trane Air-Fi wireless Communication – If it isn’t wireless, it is not modern. The Trane Tracer Concierge enables quicker installation, self-repairing mesh technology, and twice the signal range of typically HVAC and lighting control solutions. The system also includes a maintenance-free battery solution and redundant communication signal paths.


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Information provided by commercial HVAC services division of Arizona-based American Cooling and Heating – Servicing the heating, cooling and refrigeration needs of buildings and facilities throughout Phoenix Arizona and surrounding areas. ACH for all your residential and/or commercial air conditioning needs, including

  • Arizona Liebert CRAC Precision Cooling Units
  • Business Centers
  • Data Centers
  • Federal Organizations
  • Industrial Facilities
  • AND More.


Cold Plasma, Clean Air, And Energy-Zapping Bacteria With Oxygen Atoms

Squair Cold Plasma TechnologyCold Plasma, The Next Step In Home Pollution Control

Cold Plasma in the news: Let’s have clean air by putting the power of cold plasma into handheld technology.

It’s coming from Germany where a team of inventors is working to enable in home pollution control via advanced non-thermal plasma (NTP) know-how. The device, tagged the Squair, is designed to safely split oxygen molecules into clean air bacteria collection agents. If promises are fulfilled as stated by the inventors, the Squair portable air cleaner will activate the natural atmosphere within your home so that portable pollution control becomes more effective than ever before.

Current air cleaners zap pollutants with negatively charged ions. But the Squair process ups the ante. According to the inventors, the Squair cold plasma device can provide every homeowner with portable access to a double-dose pollution control particulate zapper. By making use of both negative and positively charged particles, the new process gives homeowners two cleaners for the cost of one cleaner. Just call it a portable, dual-efficiency clean air booster system.

TIP! Clean your permanent air filters or replace disposable ones every single month. If you have the choice, an electrostatic is the best option on the market today. For professional HVAC maintenance call now.

In typical plasma production, energy blasted into gas results in split molecules of both positively charged electrons and negatively charged electrons. Furthermore, the end result is not termed “safe for human touching.” According to the Urban Clinic, plasma air cleaning devices are designed to replicate the negative ions found in nature and in indoor settings. In theory, these ionizing devices emit particles that cling to bacteria, mold, viruses and even things that just smell bad. Plasma technology produces hydroxyls that attack airborne pollutants.

A recent release from the Journal of Medical Microbiology projects that cold plasma jets may be a safe and effective alternative to antibiotic treatment of multi-drug resistant infections. Defined as the fourth state of matter after solids, liquids and gases, plasmas are the result of high-energy stripping of atoms from their electrons. It’s a high temperature process wherein hot plasmas are used to disinfect surgical instruments. Furthermore, plasma pollution control results in an increase in home ozone levels.

However, the Squair cold plasma approach produces molecules that are near to room temperature and safe for use within the living room, bedroom or anywhere else within your home. With cold plasma technology, you get a safe air cleaner that uses fewer ionized molecules (thus less ozone) while also reaping greater effectiveness as a personal pollution management device.

TIP! Before having someone install, maintain or repair HVAC components, make sure they are insured. Having someone who is insured work on your system will assure that if anything happens while they are working at your home, they are financially covered and you will not be responsible.


According to Squair, this clean air device is a win-win solution. The inventors define the technology as effective in fighting bacteria, germs, fungi, mold, and viruses. Each portable device is crafted to handle 322 square feet. Florian Windeler, company CEO, defines it as a plug-n-go air cleaner solution that will work in homes, offices and even cars. With cold plasma, there is nothing to wash, no filters to clean, and an immediate benefit as “hungry oxygen atoms” rip the bad out of the air you breathe.

Is it really effective? Time will tell.



Data Center and HVACR technology Research and Development By Emerson

Arizona Liebert CRAC Precision Cooling UnitsFor Data Center and More, Advanced Thermal Management Technology In The Works

For data center managers, the struggle to combine efficiency, simplification, and reliability into a single point of focus seems a daily challenge. Finding solutions to thermal management in a complex infrastructure of integrated racks, enclosures and power switches can be time consuming and even overwhelming. Thus enters the Emerson thermal management research center collaboration between Emerson precision cooling resources and the University of Dayton School of Engineering.

Scheduled to go live on campus at the University of Dayton in 2015, the new Emerson thermal management research center is expected to allocate 38,500 square feet to the task of alleviating problems in five primary areas of HVACR technology:

  • Data center cooling
  • Food service operations
  • Light commercial building cooling
  • Residential connected homes
  • AND Supermarket refrigeration.

The $35 million Emerson Innovation Center – currently tagged Helix – is scheduled to employ 30 to 50 research personal and their associated staff members. By collaborating with the University of Dayton School of Engineering, Helix hopes to introduce new innovation into the HVACR management solution process. But it’s not just about new cooling technology. Expect this collaborative effort to focus on intelligent controls, thermal management technologies and all other aspects that drive the dynamics of modern data centers, food services, and more.

Data Center Specifics

Emerson plans to dedicate focused research space to each of the defined HVACR market centers. However, the Emerson Network Power division is set to handle the basics of the data centers module. The goal is simple:

  • Improve data center energy efficiency
  • Maximize data center free cooling processes and techniques.
  • Optimize data center cooling technology
  • Protect data center mission-critical processes.

The Emerson R&D facility will be driven by two primary forms of Emerson technology: 1) Liebert ICOM intelligent cooling, and 2) DSE-pumped refrigerant economization. By combining free air-cooling technology in a non-tradition manner, Emerson sets focus on an economizer model that avoids introducing outside air into the environment of the data center.

About Emerson Network Power

As a business division of Emerson (NYSE-EMR), Emerson Network Power crafts equipment designed to protect and optimize the mission-critical infrastructure within communication networks, data centers, industrial complexes, and the healthcare industry. Emerson Network Power products and services include:

  • AC Power/UPS
  • DC Power
  • Fire Pump Controllers
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Racks and Integrated Solutions
  • Thermal Management
  • AND More.

About the University of Dayton School of Engineering

With over 100 years in the fields of education and research, the University of Dayton School of Engineering has learned how to effectively merge integrate theory and practical application into a single engineering learning process. The school trains complete professionals and sets the focus on life-long benefits for the student and society. The School of Engineering’s vision is both far reaching and simple: 1) Be the preeminent engineering school for engineering students who have a desire for transformational learning experiences and 2) preserve the beliefs and convictions of a comprehensive Catholic and Marianist engineering school while remaining fully open to people of all faiths as well as to people of no faith.

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Liebert Precision Cooling Systems In Arizona

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Cooling Moments in Air Conditioning Technology

Air Conditioning Technology - Cooling Moments in Hydroceramic Passive CoolingThe History of Air Conditioning Technology Includes A Host of Cooling Moments

Throughout the history of air conditioning technology, “cooling moments” have typically expanded into daily benefits enjoyed by both industrial and residential customers. Let’s hope the new processes defined as Hydroceramic Walls being developed by Catalonia Barcelona expands into another energy-saving cooling technology.

Face it: this nation relies on the power and efficiency of HVAC technology. Keeping up with the demand for increased A/C performance generates a major burden on the environment and the economy. Anytime advancements in cooling technology can boost comfort and production at a reduced cost, society reaps a new blessing.

Herein are the details on new entry into the hall of fame for “cooling moments” in Air Conditioning technology.

Cooling Moments – When Hydroceramic Walls Sweat Like Human Skin

It comes from the minds of researchers at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia Barcelona, and according to the students it effectively lowers room temperatures by as much as five degrees Celsius. By taking advantage of the properties associated with evaporating water, the material basically “sweats” away heat. In concept, buildings crafted with hydroceramic walls can effectively remain cooler than a standard building without need of amplified air conditioning technology.

In the order of “cooling moments,” several other methods of passive cooling exist. However, the efficiency of hydroceramic walls may stand out as a modern age wonder for simplicity, effectiveness, and efficiency from a material that features a “cheap” overhead.

Hydroceramic Material – Reduced Energy Consumption

So what defines this breakthrough in “cooling moments” for HVAC technology? According to students at Barcelona, applied hydroceramic material can effectively reduce energy consumption by twenty-eight percent over the design of standard building materials. Furthermore, construction of hydrogels is inexpensive and as simple as sandwiching the materials between ceramic and fabric. The resulting membrane-wall absorbs moisture and then sheds it in a manner similar to how human skin sweats. Thus rather than the occupants of a building sweating, the building itself does the sweating.

The process is really quiet simple: As the material absorbs moisture, the individual hydrogels expand – as much 400 percent. Cooling occurs when evaporation causes the hydrogels to release the water. Thus the polymers shrink, the neighboring area cools down, and the process is ready to begin anew. You might say that it is a process that involves an endless series of “cooling moments.”

IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

Defined as a center for cutting edge research and education, the IAAC dedicates time, money and training to the development of architecture designs that can effectively meet worldwide challenges for better and more efficient habitability. Although based out of the 22nd district of Barcelona, the IAAC touches the educational services within over 40 countries. Core focus includes building designs, manufacturing functions, ecology, new technologies, energy consumption and reduction, and much more. IAAC research projects expand into a global front, including projects in Brazil, Croatia, and the US.

Will the power of hydroceramic walls actually go down in the history of exciting “cooling moments” in air conditioning technology? Only time will tell. The prototype is still in testing. In theory, the hotter the outdoor wind, the more efficient the system will function. But keep in mind that performance is directly related to evaporation. Thus when evaporation is absent, the cooling effect is also absent.

Got a thought on this issue: Share it here.







5 HVAC Trends From the 2014 Air Conditioning Season

The Effects of 5 HVAC Trends On Home and Office Air Conditioning

New and advancing trends in the HVAC manufacturing processes and the efficiency of digital A/C controls can’t be ignored. Whether replacing, upgrading or installing a new heating and cooling system in your Arizona home, you cannot afford to ignore the modern changes in air conditioning technology. For some homeowners, buying a new heat pump or A/C condensing unit means seeking the best deal from a cut-rate discount center. But conscientious quality-focused homeowners know the value of learning about:

  • New developments in heating and cooling technology
  • Identifying the best HVAC fit for your home
  • Avoiding obsolete and ineffective systems
  • AND better understanding the top HVAC trends from 2014.


American Cooling and Heating Discusses 5 HVAC Trends Worth Reviewing

 1) HVAC Trends in Economic Growth

Seems strange that economic growth should be listed as an HVAC trend for 2014, but as was predicted by ACHR News back in January of 2014, seventy percent of the surveyed HVAC/R manufacturers had visions of increased growth in demands for more efficient A/C equipment. And let’s face: Even with a staggering economy, the overall increase in available jobs, stable banking, and low interest rates has moved many people to reach out for the advantages associated with energy-efficient HVAC equipment – even if merely as a retrofit solution. It’s a good year to take advantage of current HVAC trends.

Hey, growth in the construction market means growth in the HVAC/R market. Housing startups are coming back. New homes require new air conditioning equipment. Competition pushes heating and cooling manufacturing firms to present value-added services and equipment. Contractors strive for your business. Some offer bottom-dollar pricing with minimal support. Quality HVAC contractors offer good pricing, reliable support, and guaranteed workmanship. When fitting a new home with heating and cooling, meticulous buyers tend to make quality service and support a top decision-making priority.

2) HVAC Trends in Digital Technology

Even if you haven’t had opportunity to experience the benefits of “smart” air conditioning technology inside your Arizona home, you have most likely reaped traces from the stores and malls that you visit outside the home. Programmable thermostats come in a host of formats and styles, and the efficiency increase associated with managed heating and cooling continues to attract homeowners as well as business owners. The quality of the units improves year by year. Wi-Fi and wireless models present homeowners with user-friendly management of home heating and cooling equipment, and even now, many companies continue to offer rebates on the HVAC digital technology for the home.

3) HVAC Trends in Data Management

Promised efficiency does not always translate into realized air conditioning effectiveness. Thus to ensure effective use of the advanced features in modern A/C equipment, the industry had to introduce new HVAC trends in data management. Many digital thermostats now include “smart meters” that enable homeowners and business owners to better track and measure effectual HVAC equipment efficiency. Top off home equipment with advancements in mobile applications that make energy monitoring and thermostat management a full-time option, and home heating and cooling efficiency leaps into a new age of performance and effectiveness.

4) HVAC Trends in Green Technology

Partly due to pressure from the government and partly due to respect for the eco-system, sustainability remains a primary focal point in HVAC/R trends. From Carrier to Trane and all the brand names in between, A/C manufacturing companies are committed to provide better, more energy-efficient systems for home, office and industry.

5) HVAC Trends – Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

Already dominant in China, Japan, and other countries, VRF has finally taken a foothold in the US. System design in a VRF unit enables an outdoor A/C condensing unit to link to multiple indoor fan coil systems. It’s energy efficient, effective, and driven by the commercial segment of the HVAC/R industry. But remember: Every thing that happens in the commercial industry eventually affects home lifestyles.

American Cooling and Heating Helping To Set Arizona HVAC Trends in 2014

Thus far, 2014 has been an exciting year for ACH, Arizona homeowners, and the heating and cooling industry as a whole. The above listed 5 HVAC trends affect every A/C vendor, manufacturer, and sales/service center. But give a call, and we will let you know how you can benefit from the current trends in HVAC/R equipment and technology.



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