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Heat Pump Discounts In Gilbert Arizona

Written by American Cooling And Heating. Posted in Gilbert AZ

American Cooling And Heating in Gilbert AZ is offering substantial discounts on Trane Heat Pump Package Unit and Trane Heat Pump Split System replacements. The discounts apply to equipment with rated efficiencies of 15 SEER and up.

Included in these discounts are:

Special Pricing On Select Trane Systems

Free Estimates On Any Heat Pump Replacement

Free Honeywell Lryic Pro WiFi Thermostat

Free Ductwork Analysis

Free 10 year parts warranty

If you live in the Gilbert or any of the surrounding areas then call now to take advantage of American Cooling And Heating’s current special Trane Heat Pump promotions, rebates, and discounts.

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Trane XR16 Low-Profile Air Conditioner Now Available

Written by Rm Harrington. Posted in Air Conditioning Technology, Arizona Air Conditioning Upgrade Sale, News

Trane XR16 Low-Profile Air Conditioner, Low ProfileTrane Low Profile Air Conditioning In The News: Trane XR16 May 2017 News Brief

Do you ever wonder what keeps the Trane HVAC division in the forefront of air conditioning technology? The answers come in a flood of terminology:

  • HVAC Innovation
  • Attention to A/C concepts and detail
  • Focus on air conditioner design and efficiency
  • Isolating of specific HVAC purposes and functionality
  • AND… A dedication to quality A/C customer focus.

There is more, but now it’s time to set focus on the new Trane XR16 air conditioner format and design. Details came out on May 10, 2017. But what makes the Trane XR16 standout in the world of modern air conditioning technology?

Start with a low profile design crafted with side discharge and geared to satisfy difficult-to-access A/C requirements. According to the Trane HVAC residential press release, this industry-forerunner is “Ideal for zero lot-line, multi-family housing, row homes and condominiums.”

Trane has long remained a global leader in the manufacture and deliver of indoor home and business air conditioning comfort solutions. High performance A/C technology follows the Trane initiative. The Trane XR16 follows suit, focusing on applications wherein vertical discharge fails to fully enable effective air conditioning functionality. It’s a product designed to expand A/C installation options while also ensuring long-term reliable system performance and durability. Both homeowners and residential contractors can reap benefit from the low profile of the XR16 craftsmanship.

Trane XR16 As An Adaptable HVAC Solution

Just because the core sales focus identifies multi-family housing, row houses and condominium units as the primary Trane XR16 air conditioner market place, these units fit into many other categories. Running in output from 1.5 to 5-ton sizes, the XR16 easily adapts to any environment wherein space constraints inhibit vertical discharge. Consider the possibilities”

  • Zero lot-line
  • Rooftops
  • Multi-family housing
  • Condominium units
  • Under deck applications
  • AND Row houses.

Trane XR16 Air Conditioner Specials

Special features included custom draw-through design, geared to prevent re-circulation of exhaust and an SEER of up to 17. Units are crafted with tube and fin coil, Climatuff™ compressor, and refrigeration grade copper tubes. Maximum transfer of heat relies upon the efficiency of an enhanced aluminum fin coil surface. Enhanced swept blade fan design holds sound levels to less than 73dBA while also ensuring superior airflow.

As we have all come to expect from Trane HVAC products, the XR16 ships under a ten-year registered limited warranty that covers the:

  • Outdoor coil
  • Compressor
  • AND all internal functional parts.

In addition, the compressor, coil and functional internal parts are also covered under a base five-year warranty.

Although not yet available with heat pump functionality, keep your eyes and ears open. Trane has promised to address this issue before year-end 2017.

American Cooling And Heating Provides The Best A/C Services In Arizona

Call now for more information on the Trane XR16 air conditioning system. We guarantee top quality HVAC workmanship from a company that is BBB A+ Rated and AZ ROC complaint-free. Learn more about ACH air conditioning products services.

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Arizona Air Conditioning Tips- Avoid Hazards of Unlicensed HVAC Contractors

Written by Rm Harrington. Posted in Buying Tips, Cooling Tips, Mesa Air Conditioning

AC and Trane Heat Pump Installation In AZUnlicensed HVAC Contractors Produce Messy Arizona Air Conditioning Consequences

Hiring an unlicensed HVAC contractor may seem a great method for reducing the costs of Mesa AC services or Mesa AC installation. But seeking services and skills from a bonded, insured and licensed Arizona AC Company provides better long-term solutions to your home heating and cooling requirements.

In this article, the techs from American Cooling and Heating provide Arizona residents a few tips on how to avoid the messy results of unlicensed HVAC contractors.

Short-Term HVAC Savings Often Produce Long-Term Additional HVAC Expenses

Solutions to simple HVAC problems are often more complex than may be imagined. Short-term AC installation and AC service cost savings may actually result in some very messy long-term Arizona air conditioning consequences. Hiring HVAC service work from unqualified contractors may produce some of the following complications:

  • Substandard workmanship ensuing inferior equipment functionality
  • Partial or even purposefully fraudulent system error reports
  • Unpredictable A/C services, including second-rate Mesa A/C installation
  • Unanticipated increase in final expenses
  • Lousy long-term HVAC system reliability
  • AND more.

TIP! Before agreeing for home A/C services ask the contractor for current evidence of insurance. Although any HVAC provider can make a mistake, the cost for damages caused by uninsured vendors may fall directly against your bank balance.

Even though dealing via an untrained back door heating and cooling tech may appear to save on initial expenses, an uninsured financial nightmare may be just around the corner. Unlicensed HVAC contractors are working outside the law. This means they may ignore industry-standard HVAC service and installation regulations.

Charlie McCrudden, ACCA senior vice president of government relations, says that such hacks “… take advantage of lax enforcement of permitting rules, licensing requirements, and the Clean Air Act.” Mr. McCrudden also states that government agencies are currently ill equipped for tracking or controlling unlicensed AC activities. Worse: McCrudden also makes clear that too many unlicensed people are “… are posing as professional HVAC technicians.”

TIP! Before choosing a Mesa AC expert, seek multiple bids. And remember to be especially cautious of super-low bidders.

Reputable Mesa Air Conditioning Companies Always Better Than Unlicensed HVAC Contractors

No matter the industry, reputation is paramount to the word-of-mouth advertising. Likewise, positive word-of-mouth publicity establishes the cornerstone of reliance. Unlicensed HVAC contractors damage the reputation of the HVAC industry. You deserve better.

In paraphrase from words by the Arizona Yavapai County Contractors Association, homeowners are free to choose who they will hire: licensed or unlicensed. However, buyers beware. Although YCCA Executive Director, Sandy Griffis, says that contractor licensing does not assure technical skill, proficiency or even a measure of competence, he concludes with these simple words, “… hiring an unlicensed contractor is certainly a hazard.”

Here are four tips on hiring Mesa air conditioning techs:

  1. Unlicensed HVAC contractors may offer cheap pricing, but long-term legal and financial complications may follow
  2. Hiring a licensed Arizona HVAC service contractor offer superior protection over any post-installation/service legal resolutions
  3. As a whole, licensed Mesa A/C contractors offer competent service, comprehensive financially resources, and fully trained and vetted techs
  4. By practicing licensing and a well-crafted regulatory system, the law of the land promotes individual safety and reliable construction practices.

The low-ball pricing associated with unlicensed AC contractors greatly harm legitimate Arizona air conditioning service and installation companies. Playing by the rules only to lose business typically results in a higher cost margin for both you and the licensed HVAC contractor. According to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, complaints filed against unlicensed AC contractors is on the rise, and the price of scam HVAC providers affects you as well as legitimate contractors.

TIP: Arizona residents can report unlicensed HVAC contractors via forms on the website of the Arizona Registrar of HVAC Contractors.

Hazards of Hiring Unlicensed Arizona HVAC Contractors

According to YCCA reports, knowing your existing home improvement rights can help you prevent construction problems. Take personal responsibility for the project. Work only with reputable Mesa air conditioning contractors. Do not permit yourself to be victimized by unscrupulous, unlicensed HVAC contractors.

TIP! When installing new home air conditioning equipment, check the condition of existing HVAC ductwork. When sized incorrectly or in need of repair, ductwork can cause poor performance in even the best energy-efficient air conditioning equipment.

Basically, take care to protect your home. Avoid the hazards of unlicensed craftsmen. Properly licensed Arizona HVAC contractors follow sound business practices, including:

  • Staying up-to-date on operating taxes
  • Maintaining reliable yearly operating insurance
  • Ensuring employee reliability
  • Maintaining sufficient local bonded practices
  • AND More.

To gain and hold a current Arizona state HVAC license, HVAC contractors must be able to prove efficient AC capabilities and experience. Local HVAC testing aims to eliminate local HVAC service options that can result in shoddy work ethics. Although licensing may not produce the definitive protection against scam HVAC service providers, it does make it easier for Arizona homeowners to locate a principled and reliable HVAC contractor.

The cooling and heating industry continues to evolve. Global reach includes expansion into better indoor air quality management. American Cooling and Heating is here to ensure that Arizona air conditioning buyers receive professional service from a bonded, insured and licensed Mesa HVAC contractor. Call Now.


Resolving 4 Air Conditioning Noise Problems – Why AC Systems Make Noise?

Written by Rm Harrington. Posted in AC Repair, HVAC Maintenance

Air conditioning noise and Leaky Heat Pumps - Old CarrierThe Nature of Air Conditioning Noise

All air conditioning systems produce some measure of noise. Expect it. Not as a major chatter, but rather as the general hum of any fan-driven air delivery system. But there is much distinction between AC systems that clang, jangle and rattle versus a system that outputs a defined and acceptable air conditioning operational hum.

In this article, the techs at American Cooling and Heating detail four fixes for common excessive air conditioning noise problems.

Air Conditioning Noise – Defining Volume

Before addressing why AC systems make noise, you need first to understand the applied definition of sound volume. All HVAC system manufacturers post the sound db of the units. In fact, most central and split A/C systems are designed to maintain a less than 35-db sound level. But what does that mean to you? How do you define “db?”

Consider the following relationships:

  1. A) 20-db… Low and soft like the ticking of a small watch
  2. B) 40-db… Mild and distant like echoes along a park walkway
  3. C) 60-db… Clearly audible but reasonably subdued like friends in typical conversation
  4. D) 80-db… Clanging for attention like commercials on the TV
  5. E) 100-db… Alarming, demanding and extremely distracting like the crack-crack of nearby rifle fire.

In essence, the expected sounds that come from your home air conditioning system should seem mild and distant like echoes along a park walkway. It’s a sound that you hear but easily tune out.

4 Reasons AC Systems Make Noise

When the noise level from your home air conditioning unit seems odd, interruptive to thought or conversation, or simply out of place for current expectations, you should take immediate action. Never ignore the audible signs of possible HVAC system complications. Delayed AC repairs typically ensure an increase cost for said repair.

Safety Tip: Never attempt repairs on any A/C unit without first disconnecting power to the system.

If you are not comfortable examining your own system, now is the time to contact the nearest Phoenix-regional office of ACH.

1) Air Conditioning Noise – Chattering Fans

Reliable system cooling, efficient air distribution, and effective system operation demands that the fans associated with your Phoenix home A/C unit operate without hindrance. Some HVAC fan repairs require the talents of skilled HVAC techs. Other repairs may be as minor. For evaporator system fans that are producing excessive humming or perhaps a bit of rattling, consider the following options:

  • Remove any debris that may be touching the fan blades
  • Tighten the screw at the hub of the blades
  • Gently correct any blades that appear bent.

2) Air Conditioning Noise – Clogged Coil Fins

Growing weeds, fallen leaves and dirt can easily cause clogs in condenser coils. Bend coil fins also cause excessive A/C system noise. Simple fixes for clogged condenser foil fins include:

  • Removing any nearby clutter
  • Pulling nearby weeds by the root
  • Gently washing the coils with pressurized water
  • Purchase a fin comb and then cautiously correct any bent fins.

Note: Incorrect combing can result in additional damage.

3) Air Conditioning Noise – Loose Screws

Everything machine that vibrates runs the risk of producing loose screws. Air conditioning and heat pump systems are not immune to the problem. System vibrations can affect screws associated with fans, mounting panels and even electrical components. The fix: Use reset the screws.

4) Air Conditioning Noise – Lubrication

Modern AC and refrigeration equipment use sealed compressors. This means that cooling of the compressor relies on cold refrigerant returning from the indoor coil. When a system leak causes a drop in coolant level, major system damage can easily follow. Sounds to listen for include:

  • Low rumblings
  • High pitched squeals, even if not loud
  • Continuous ticking
  • And more.

Repairing AC lubrication problems exceed DIY efforts. Too little coolant remains a problem. Too much coolant generates another type of problem. Furthermore: Conscientious HVAC service providers find and fix leaks prior to adding more refrigerant.

Why Arizona AC Systems Make Noise – Local Help In Times of Need

Some of the above steps are simple. But resolving major Phoenix air conditioning noises often demands the services of a major Phoenix A/C service provider. If the problem persists, contact American Cooling and Heating Today.



Digital Thermostat – Troubleshooting Common Digital Thermostat Problems

Written by Rm Harrington. Posted in HVAC Maintenance, Repair or Replace, Thermostats and Controllers

Nexia Home AutomationDigital Thermostat — Solve My Digital Thermostat Issues

Although an installed digital thermostat typically functions trouble-free, perhaps you can benefit by the following simple testing processes. After all, a faulty thermostat affects the heating and cooling comfort level throughout your entire home.


In this article, the techs at Arizona-based American Cooling and Heating works to help you better understand how to resolve problems with your Mesa home HVAC command system – the digital thermostat solution.

5 Steps to Basic Digital Thermostat Troubleshooting

Preliminary Testing…

Before leaping into the basic steps in digital thermostat troubleshooting, confirm that your thermostat is turned on, set to heat or cool depending on your desired comfort level, and that the fan system is also on. It also helps to reset the system. Do this by turning the thermostat off, pressing the reset option, and then turning the thermostat back on. If you lack understanding on how to turn a thermostat on and off, and you also lack access to a user manual, best option – Contact your local ACH comfort system specialist.

1) Thermostat Sensor

Testing for a faulty thermostat sensor merely requires that you have some alternative method for measuring room temperature. For the professional Arizona HVAC tech, the measurement is instant and accurate. After all: Your Mesa A/C professional does utilize an array of highly sensitive, extremely accurate and somewhat costly HVAC tool kit. However, for a homeowner not pushed for immediate answers, a simple alcohol or mercury thermometer is sufficient for this test. In the room to be tested, just mount one of these inexpensive temperature measurement devices and then wait an hour or so to take a reading. Any discrepancy between the room temperature and the readout shown on your digital thermostat implies that your system has a faulty thermostat sensor.

Repairing a Faulty Thermostat Sensor

Repair or replace is rather senseless, and not at all cost effective. When dealing with a faulty thermostat sensor, best solution is that you replace the entire unit. However, before leaping directly to the stage that involves thermostat replacement, continue reading this report.

2) Calibrate The Thermostat According To Room Temp

Perhaps your digital thermostat is merely in need of calibration. Different makes and models of thermostats function according to different specs. For accurate unit calibration, we recommend calling in your local Arizona HVAC tech. However, it is likely that your thermostat instruction manual includes directions concerning calibration of the unit. If you lack access to a manual, some digital thermostats include calibrations instructions on the inside of the unit cover.

3) Checking Thermostat Wiring Connections

Ok. So the sensors are not faulty, and calibration is completed. Next step involves checking thermostat wiring for the likes of:

  • Corroded connections
  • Broken wiring
  • AND Direct shorts.

Start by disabling incoming thermostat power sources. Be careful. Any contact with life electrical wiring can result in serious personal injury. Once you have confirmed that incoming thermostat power is disabled, remove the unit from the wall so that you can visibly examine the wiring connections. Look for corrosion, direct breaks in connection, and loose connections. If wire nuts are not installed, correct that issue before reinstalling the unit.

Important Safety and System Warning…

Skilled HVAC techs understand the thermostat wiring label system. They know how to cross wires for testing of various unit components. Errors can lead to greater system problems. If you do not have proper equipment for working with electrical wiring and wired systems, or if you lack any previous experience, call your local Arizona ACH tech. We remove the worry, the hassle, and the risk from the air conditioning repair process.

4) Internet-Specific Trane Digital Thermostat Controls

With an installed Trane digital thermostat system, homeowners can remote-access their home HVAC control center by use of most Internet-connected devices. Some problems can be correct by better understanding the Internet-specific Trane digital thermostat control system. Test using the following guidelines:

  • Ensure active wireless connection – This means check your modem, wireless router, and incoming home Internet connection. For help with this part of the process, contact your local Internet service provider. However, if your home computer, smart phones and other Internet-enabled devices are functioning correctly, most likely your digital thermostat is also making a solid Internet connection.
  • Try resetting the Trane digital thermostat via the wireless connection steps as outlined in the system manual.
  • For Internet problems, contact your Mesa Internet service provider.
  • For connection errors that affect your thermostat but not to your other wireless devices, contact your local American Cooling and Heating HVAC specialist.

5) Replace Your Digital Thermostat

Perhaps you went through all of the above listed thermostat tests alone and without advanced technical support. If you are satisfied that the installed thermostat is faulty, consider a DIY replacement. Time-wise, installation of a new digital thermostat only takes a few minutes. However, remember to replace using like equipment in size and shape matching that of the old unit. This helps reduce installation problems.

For the easiest, most efficient and certain solution to a faulty digital thermostat, contact the ACH 24-hour HVAC response team. We will get your home heating and cooling system up and running in record time.











Trane XV18 and Trane XV20i – Precision Home Comfort

Written by Rm Harrington. Posted in AC Installation, Heat Pumps, Mesa Air Conditioning

Trane XV18 and Trane XV20i heat pump systemTrane XV18 & Trane XV20i Top Choice For Accurate Home Heating and Cooling Comfort

What’s unique about Trane XV18 and Trane XV20i mainstream residential heat pump systems? And why are these air conditioning units a right choice for regional Mesa homeowners?

Perhaps these questions seem a bit rhetorical. After all, we are discussing heating and cooling products manufactured according to Trane-based standards for quality, performance and durability. But with the XV18 and the XV20i, we can also include the benefits of an included variable speed compressor. By choosing either model for your Mesa heating and cooling requirements, you get Trane manufacturing quality. But you also get:

  • Ø Quieter system operating performance
  • Ø Energy efficiency that effectively outperforms standard two-stage compressors as well as standard one-stage compressors
  • Ø AND A precision in home temperature control system.

Precision Cooling Via Trane XV18 and Trane XV20i Performance

Ever go to bed comfortable and then wake up to a chill morning? That’s the price of standard performance one or two stage compressors. The temperatures float, rising as the system runs, and then dropping between cycles.


Imagine day or night precision Mesa home cooling within an accuracy rating of ½ degrees. From daylight to dusk and from dusk to dawn, the temperature in your home remains constant – not too hot and not too cool. This is the prime benefit of an installed Trane heat pump system that makes use of variable speed compressor technology. This is the prime benefit of an installed Trane XV18 heat pump or an installed Trane XV20i heat pump.

Think of it: An installed energy-efficient heat pump that enables precision management of in-home Mesa temperature while also operating at the lowest noise level in the industry – a record-breaking 54 dB. And then, count in the added value of Trane’s twelve-year warranty on the compressor in the Trane XV20i heat pump system.

Specifications That Make Trane XV18 or Trane XV20i Right For Your Mesa Home

Before sizing any heat pump to the requirements and needs of your Mesa home, our techs consider the size, nature of construction, layout, and necessary load-balance calculations. It may be that an XV20i or an XV18 don’t make a perfect match for you. However, this only means we need to look at a different Trane heat pump system. American Cooling and Heating specializes in putting together the best and most cost efficient HVAC unit for each household.

Let’s look at the specs and features that make the Trane XV18 heat pump and the Trane XV20i heat pump shine…

Capacity Range:

  • Ø Available in standard residential sizes from two to five tons.


  • Ø Both units are crafted in powder coated standard steel frames.


  • Ø Variable Speed Compressor offering precision mesa home cooling and heating management.


  • Ø The Trane XV20i sings songs to Energy Star ratings of HSPF – 10 and SEER – 20.
  • Ø The Trane XV18 comes in with Energy Star ratings of HSPF – 10 and SEER – 18.

Noise Factor:

  • Ø Coming in with a decibel rating of 55, both the Trane XV20i and the Trane XV18 pull rank as the quietest heat pumps available to the residential market place.

Physical Size:

  • Ø The Trane XV20i comes in at 33-37 inches long, 30-34 inches wide and 48-54 inches tall.
  • Ø The Trane XV18 measures same as XV20i in all but height, which comes in at 41-45 inches.


  • Ø Compressor warranty 12 years, parts warranty 10 years, both limited

Mesa Resource For Installed Trane XV18 and Trane XV20i – Precision Home Comfort

Before you install your next Mesa heating and cooling system, contact American Cooling and Heating. Take advantage of our Free home HVAC system evaluation and heat pump installation estimate.

Contact American Cooling and Heating


Zoned Air Conditioning – Is It A Right Phoenix AC Solution?

Written by Rm Harrington. Posted in Air Conditioning Technology, Arizona Air Conditioning Installation, Buying Tips

AZ Nexia Smart HomeZoned Air Conditioning Systems – Modern Style

Remember the zoned air conditioning system used by your parents? Dad’s simple cost-savings plan involved closing off registers in specific rooms of the house. Sadly to say: Dad’s plan proved totally ineffective. And in many cases, such haphazard AC zoning practices actually shortened the life of the HVAC air handler unit.

Yet the ways of old still linger: The average homeowner continues to use closed registers as a primary means of zoned AC comfort.

In this article, the home comfort techs at American Cooling and Heating reveal the pros and cons of an installed Arizona home zoning AC system.

Multi-Zone Heating and Cooling: Sharing Your Phoenix Home

Efficient and effective home comfort requires installation of a balance AC airflow system. If you live alone, zoning your home air conditioning may seem senseless. But for people with a family, daily thermostat wars can become a major problem. Some folks like a very cold home environment. Other folks prefer things a bit warmer. With standard installed Phoenix HVAC systems, family compromise is the only solution.

Multi-zone home cooling and heating offers a different type of air conditioning solution. These systems are designed to make home zoning AC quick, efficient and effective. However, multi-zone home air conditioning systems come with both advantages and disadvantages – Installation prices coming in as one of the major points of consideration.

Zoned Air Conditioning – A Simple Definition

Installed multi-zone home heating and cooling enables individual temperature control of specific divisions within your home. Certified HVAC techs examine your home, calculate best processes, and then essentially split your house into several distinctively controlled heating and cooling AC zones. In some homes, the process may be managed by installation of multiple furnaces, heat pumps or air conditioning systems. In other homes, the process may be managed by installation of electronic baffles geared to open and close on key to air flow from a central air handler. Either method enables the HVAC system to provide separate and independent temperature adjustments to each zone within the home.

Zoned AC – Pros

Benefits of a effective Phoenix home AC zoning include:

Home Zoning AC Comfort – Unlike central heating and cooling systems, multi-zone home air conditioning enables family members with personal control of temperatures zone by zone. Depending on the divisions, everyone sets sleeping temperatures to their favored positions. Likewise, kitchens can be kept cooler than living rooms. Basically, a zoned air conditioning system lets your family enjoy home comfort that suits individual heating and cooling preferences.

Trane-comfortlink-ii-thermostats-and-controllersHome Zoning AC Control – Although effective and efficient home zoning air conditioning links back to comfort, the systems offer more than mere temperature-orientated physical comfort. Modern HVAC technology enables remote and programmed control over thermostats located throughout the home. Top zoned AC systems also include fan controls, humidity management, and various energy saving options. For example: the Trane ComfortLink II Thermostat System helps homeowners reduce energy expenses – even if you are not zoning. A properly sized and correctly installed home zoning HVAC system can save your family hundreds of dollars per year in energy expenses.

Home Zoning AC Noise Management – Although modern heating and cooling equipment produces much less noise emission than the early years counterparts, integrated variable-speed fan systems provide an even greater form of noise management. Likewise with two-stage air conditioning systems: Home zoning permits maximum system-performance system-efficiency while providing quieter system operations.

Phoenix Zoned Air Conditioning Systems – The Bad News

As with all things complex, installed multi-zoning is not necessarily suitable for every home situation. AC zoning introduces two basic complications:

  1. Higher costs for parts and installation
  2. More complexity in configuration.

Home Zoning AC Systems – Increased Costs For Installation

Multi-zone heating and cooling systems cost more than standard AC systems. A correct and energy-efficient HVAC zoning system requires more equipment and a more complex duct system. Even if you convert your existing central unit, you will pay a higher cost for the changeover.

Home Zoning AC Systems – Complexity

More equipment means greater chances for future component failure. This also means that servicing and troubleshooting expenses run higher. Before switching over to a multi-zoned heating and cooling system, contact ACH for a full home evaluation. Our techs can provide you with a best-purpose Phoenix heating and cooling solution for your home.

Act now. Contact American Cooling and Heating – Arizona air conditioning sales and service, reaching out to residents throughout the Phoenix metro area.

Phoenix Air Conditioning Preservation During Severe Weather

Written by Rm Harrington. Posted in Arizona Air Conditioning Upgrade Sale, Cooling Tips, Maintenance

Phoenix Air Conditioning PerservationPhoenix Air Conditioning When Summer Takes A Break

Phoenix air conditioning and heat pumps bring home cooling during the summer and home heating during the winter. Yet the excessively warm nature of Arizona temperatures may cause a bit of lapse in winter AC maintenance planning. After all, summer reports from azcentral typically deal with record-breaking highs. For example: On Sunday June 19, 2016 temperatures in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma set various heat records. It was a day when Phoenix came in at 118 degrees while Yuma temperatures punched a record setting 120 degrees (1).

The need for severe winter weather air conditioning preservation is not foreign to regional Phoenix AZ.

Perhaps you remember the Phoenix freeze warnings during the December of 2015 NM blizzard (2). Local residents were cautioned to wrap pipes, protect weather sensitive plants, and take special care of outdoor pets. As to 2017, January should hang mostly in the mid forties, but may experience several drops to mid thirties. The following list reveals some of the recorded 2015 low:

  • Flagstaff – 16 degrees
  • Prescott – 17 degrees
  • Mesa – 34 degrees
  • AND Phoenix – 39 degrees.

In this article, American Cooling and Heating offers a how to on heat pump and Phoenix air conditioning preservation during severe winter weather.

Phoenix HVAC Preservation Tips – Dealing With Cold, Heat, Rain and Wind

Poorly maintained air conditioning systems are subject to unnecessary points of failure. Although crafted to withstand even extreme weather changes and conditions, HVAC systems perform better when homeowners follow basic air conditioning preservation practices. The following tips lead to increased longevity in both heat pumps and air conditioners.

1) AC Preservation – Avoid Covering Your System

Someone may consider a cover a sensible component of efficient Phoenix air conditioning preservation. This would be error. HVAC systems are designed to weather rain, snow and wind. Here are three reason covering an outdoor condensing system may actually damage the unit – even on a unit with a temporary disconnect from power:

  • HVAC & Accumulated Moisture… No cover will effectively keep moisture out of external air conditioning components. Evaporation draws water up from the ground. Humidity in the air penetrates any break in the seal of the cover. The splash of raindrops promotes moisture accumulation within the confines of the cover.
  • HVAC & Rodent Control… By nature, heat pumps and air condensing units are designed to deter rodents from finding sufficient cover for nesting. Don’t void this purpose by offering rats a nice, warm, cozy external HVAC system.
  • HVAC & Effective System Airflow… Air conditioning systems function by effective movement of air. A cover can hinder the system to the point of critical breakdown. An even minor obstruction to AC airflow can increase accumulation of mildew and mold.

2) AC Preservation – Powering Down When The Power Goes Down  

Bad weather sometimes causes a local outage of power. Problems during repair of the lines can cause multiple power surges to enter your home. If severe weather causes your household power to go out, you might consider tripping the main HVAC fuses until after the problem is fully resolved.

3) AC Preservation – Batting Down For High Winds

Just as installing a cover can damage the exterior components of your heat pump or air conditioning condensing unit, so can wind blown debris. Be prepared for high winds. Keep yard furniture, toys and brush secured, stored, or effectively distant from your HVAC system.

Dealing With Phoenix Air Conditioning Failure During Severe Weather

Severe Arizona weather: You never know when trouble will arrive. Keep the American Cooling and Heating service and heat pump sales number on hand. We run service trucks 24/7. Quick response. Fair pricing. And services are guaranteed.






1) azcentral, “Arizona Temp Records Toppled By Deadly Heat Wave

2) azfamily, “Freeze Warning Looms For Phoenix, Blizzard In NM Sparks Misery



Arizona Air Conditioning Company Reviews

Written by Rm Harrington. Posted in AC Service, News

Reliable Phoenix Air Conditioning ReviewPhoenix Air Conditioning Reviews For Reliable AC Service

Gaining a reputation for reliable Phoenix air conditioning services is never a singular process. It starts with being good at what you do, but that too never comes easy. There is a learning process wherein broad-scope knowledge of product, acquirement of superior technical skills and dedication to customer satisfaction begin long before company doors are opened for active HVAC services.

In this article, we explain why American Cooling and Heating (ACH) ranks among the best Phoenix air conditioning companies in the market.

3 Reasons ACH Pulls Rave Arizona HVAC Reviews

From a consumer’s perspective, the term “reliable Phoenix AC Company” often relates to the concept of:

  • Honest employees
  • Up-front pricing
  • On-time delivery
  • Value-added warranty
  • AND Excellency in products and services.

From the business viewpoint, the term “reliable Phoenix AC Company” includes all of the concepts expressed in a consumer’s viewpoint, and then ups the ante. For ACH, reliable HVAC services includes:

  • Office and shop working conditions
  • Employee benefits
  • A well-stocked parts warehouse
  • Trained, knowledgeable, skilled and reliable HVAC techs
  • Modern in-house equipment, parts and tools
  • Reliable and well-maintained fleet of company vehicles
  • AND All this while without ever falling short in our commitment to thoughtful, value-added assurance of customer satisfaction.

Although our primary focus settles on being a great and reliable Arizona AC service company, reaping rave Phoenix air conditioning reviews comes as a natural byproduct of our tested and proven business characteristics. We set and meet stringent personal performance commitments and goals.

1) Phoenix Air Conditioning Services – The Plan

Successful business plans need not be complicated, but they must purposefully define clear and achievable company goals. Product performance marches side-by-side with reliable technical services. Financial success walks hand-in-hand with consumer faith in the durability of our company. In every area of ACH company evaluation, our plan lays out a proven path to steadfast company growth in the Arizona HVAC market center. Thus our customers are assured of reliable service guarantees.

2) Phoenix Air Conditioning Services – Zeal For Quality

Discussions concerning company financials seldom show up as a component of rave Phoenix air conditioning reviews. Yet strong company profits assure company longevity, which in turn establishes enduring company presence as a reliable Arizona heating and air-conditioning resource.

Yet zeal for quality is the foundation of financial success. By coupling love of product and service to company goals and an overwhelming zeal for quality in performance, we find ourselves always seeking the best for ACH customers.

3) Phoenix Air Conditioning Services – The Commitment

According to business coach Ron Finklestein, “company culture” defines the core path for proficient and effectual success in business (1). At American Cooling and Heating, every employee performs in the areas best suited for their specific skill-sets. We assist, motivate, and train according to company goals and plans. Effective customer satisfaction requires satisfied employees. Our team has a focus on customer needs, and the processes that fully reflect and uphold the integrity of ACH.

Reliable HVAC Service Reviews in Phoenix Arizona

Although companies that promote “reputation management” clutter the Internet, any promise of positive online reviews ultimately hinges on the effectual success of the company being promoted. We are not here to reap rave phoenix AC reviews. In fact, nearly every HVAC repair company in Arizona has a listing on Angie’s List, BBB, Facebook, Yelp and more.

But truth is simple: Product and service reliability eventually bores down to the attitude and ethics of the company. The rave Phoenix air conditioning reviews for ACH are driven by our commitment to a formal business plan, our focused zeal for quality, and our assurance of an affirmative customer experience. We enjoy the benefits of great reviews. But we thrive by providing the Phoenix AZ community with the following professional heating and cooling resources:

  • Reasonably priced products and services
  • Individually customized HVAC solutions
  • Timely service response
  • Reliable warranties
  • An attitude that puts customers first
  • AND a faithful dedication to company integrity in all matters of Phoenix air conditioning services.

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1) Entrepreneur, “What Successful Businesses Have In Common




Mesa Air Conditioning Service, Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair

Written by Rm Harrington. Posted in AC Service, Heat Pumps

AC Repair In AZ, mesa air conditioning serviceMesa Air Conditioning Service War Against Sizzling Mesa Heat Index

Although current Mesa temperatures lean toward mild and comfortable, in Arizona even the winter is open season for Air Conditioning repair services. When coming down from triple-digit summer temperatures, we tend to visualize a well-deserved break for the home cooling system.

Don’t be fooled.

In the just released Bert Sperling Heat Index, the region of Phoenix-Mesa, AZ comes in number one among the top ten sizzling cities in the US (1). To make it brief: Mesa, Phoenix and other nearby areas run an average 100-plus high temperature and a tough 77 degree average nighttime low. Relative humidity at high temperature stands around 20 percent. When compiled into the Sperling research, Phoenix-Mesa, AZ hits a 97.7 top-in-the-nation heat index rating.

In this article Arizona-based American Cooling and Heating provides residents with five signs that indicate a heat pump in need of repair.

Five Signs Your Mesa Home Cooling System Is Hurting

1) AC Failure – Foul Odors

Aside from a dusty scent that often accompanies the first yearly engagement of your heating components, your AC system should function odor free. Pay attention to abnormal scents. Musty smells indicate a possibility of bacteria in the ductwork, or perhaps an open tear that enables the system to suck air from the crawlspace. Keep watch also for hints of frayed, overheated or burned wiring. Foul odors pose safety concerns for you and your family. Do not let this go unchecked.

2) AC Failure – Abnormal Sounds

Trane heat pumps rate among the best in the market, yet even the highest ranked sound-suppressant units produce a certain level of expected noise. However, clanging, grinding, squeaking, and squealing are typically signs of major complications. To ignore such abnormal sounds is to invite a future filled with more costly solutions.

3) AC Failure – Strong Air Flow, Poor Cooling

Various system problems can result in strong airflow yet poor cooling. Low coolant stands as the most typical problem, but identifying and repairing the leak that caused the issue must precede the recharge. On the more costly side, your system may be suffering from a failed compressor. On the simple side, maybe someone accidentally set the thermostat to “fan only” mode.

4) AC Failure – Leakage Near The System

The indoor air handler on your Mesa home heat pump requires a system for drainage of moisture. Without controlled drainage, water will begin to accumulate near the system. Causes for drainage failure include a clogged drain line and/or a frozen control regulator. Also keep watch for signs of leaking refrigerant. In either event, immediate investigation is necessary. From prompt Mesa heat pump servicing, call our air conditioning specialist today.

5) AC Failure – Weak Air Flow

A faulty blower can cause weak airflow throughout your entire home. Problems such as debris inside a vent, a closed register, or damaged ductwork will be regional in nature. Before calling for Mesa AC service, check the obvious. And don’t forget to check and clean the air filter.

Mesa AZ Heating and Cooling Services

The homeowner can fix some home AC problems. But when the problem exceeds simple solutions, you need quick action from a reliable Mesa AZ heating and cooling services company. For more information, contact American Cooling and Heating now!







  1. Bert Sperling, “Index Sizzling Cities Ranked – Our New Heat


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